Altvia Correspond Investor Edition

Generate and send personalized Capital Call Notices, PPMs, Distribution Notices, K1s, and Reports.

How Investor Edition Helps Firms

With increasing demands for more transparency, fund managers and institutional investors are challenged with the means by which to capture, report and share information. Altvia Correspond Investor Edition is an integrated investor communications and document distribution add­-on to the Altvia Private Equity CRM solution.

Built on the Salesforce platform, it bridges the gap between your CRM, front-office activities and legacy accounting system. With this investor-first solution, you can easily generate personalized Capital Call Notices, PPMs, Distribution Notices, K­1s, Quarterly/Annual Reports and more – and then deliver via email or to our LP Portal, ShareSecure.

I wanted to be ahead of the game at Edge Natural Resources and ensure a smooth process and investor experience.

Stacie Moore

Partner and CFO, Edge Natural Resources


Manage Investors and Communication Preferences

Keeping your investors happy through seamless communication methods is core to Altvia Correspond Investor Edition. Create preset groups of contacts to receive documents regarding investor commitments and enter those contacts’ communication preferences so that important documents like capital calls, go where they want them–their LP Portal or email. Once you’ve set these preferences, Correspond automatically applies them to all future mailings driving accuracy and efficiency in your operations.

  • Full integration with your CRM — no redundancy in entering contact details across investor commitments
  • Automatically distribute documents in preferred manner and format
  • Track and save individual correspondence preferences

Deliver Investor-Specific Emails And Documents

Bridge the gap between your CRM, front & back office with Altvia Correspond Investor Edition. Create unique documents and automatically populate allocation amounts all with the flexibility to provide certain investors different templates to comply with side letter agreements.

  • Generate personalized Capital Call notices, PPMs, K1s, and more – all incorporating data already stored in your CRM
  • Integrate existing accounting and document generation systems via a proprietary file-splitting solution that prepares documents in seconds
  • Be confident that your investors are receiving timely and accurate documents with up-to-the-minute reporting on email opens and document views

Do More with an End-To-End Communication Solution

Altvia Correspond Premium Edition combines Investor Edition with Market Edition to take your communications to the next level with a fully integrated email marketing solution on the Salesforce Platform.

  • Altvia Correspond Market Edition allows your team to send unlimited emails
  • Integrated reporting creates smart lists for targeted email sends
  • A drag-and-drop HTML designer and templates mean your communications are professional and easy to produce

A Powerful Alternative Investment Platform


Altvia Correspond Investor Edition streamlines the investor relationship

Automatically distribute documents in the preferred manner

Calculate and edit allocations & distributions without spreadsheets

Track individual correspondence preferences easily

Draft and post directly to your secure LP Portal, ShareSecure

Comply with side letter agreements using flexible templates

Seamless integration with AIM on the Salesforce platform

Split and generate investor specific files in seconds

Integrate your communications, front-to-back office


Virtual Data Room & LP Portal

ShareSecure integrates seamlessly with Altvia Correspond Investor Edition for a complete GP-LP Engagement solution

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