Private Equity Fundraising

Redefine Investor Engagement To Focus On What Matters: Fundraising And Firm Performance

Target The Right Investors

Focus on LPs and investors who fit a specific profile to quickly close the fund and generate the best returns

Execute & Optimize Campaigns

Send email campaigns with a click and understand how prospective investors respond to your messaging

Communicate Your Edge With Data

Use objective data to communicate your firm’s track record, ongoing execution of the investment thesis, and other key points of differentiation

“We now have clear and accurate historical documentation of fundraising efforts and IR communications as a reference before speaking with investor or prospect”.

Joel Hausman

Partner, Edge CrossLink

LP Portal / Data Room

Complete Investor Portal Experience

Our virtual data room, ShareSecure, makes it easy for you to create, track, and audit the materials you provide investors. Leverage this powerful engagement portal to communicate directly and securely share documents.

Investor Correspondence

Customize Investor Communications

Simplify investor communications using data and tools to send out fund news or critical documents to the right people at the right time. Every step of the investor relations lifecycle can be streamlined and organized within the Altvia Platform.

Built on Salesforce

Powerful 360 Views of Any relationship

Altvia is built for private equity on top of the #1 CRM solution in the world, Salesforce. Leverage the platform and your data to understand your stakeholders and their actions.


Seamlessly Connect Your Technology

There is no comparison to Salesforce as a platform for building work applications and centralizing workflows around technology into a single source of truth. Customize your instance with integrations to build the solution your firm needs.

Powering The Top Tier

Let’s Have a Conversation

How your firm can leverage Altvia for a proprietary edge.