AIMPro for Deal Teams

Find Deals.

Close More.

Click Less.

AIMPro for Deal Teams

Find Deals.

Close More.

Click Less.

A new way to find, manage, and close more deals.

Now, you can have your Salesforce cake and eat it too. AIMPro is a proprietary, tailor-made solution that transforms the complexity of Salesforce into a modern UX that streamlines deal discovery, management, and closure, allowing you to seize opportunities quickly, scale operations effortlessly, and make smart investment decisions.


Leverage Altvia’s access to the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem to connect data sources together to populate and enrich your CRM with high-quality data.

Stop clicking so much to get data into your CRM. Log emails directly from your inbox and and track interactions for real-time insights with Altvia’s AIMPro.

Bring your entire firm’s network together in Altvia’s private equity CRM to leverage existing relationships and have a comprehensive view of the dealmaking landscape.

No more clicking around. Lead impactful Monday deal pipeline meetings with data at your fingertips.

Leverage AIMPro as a central source of truth for data, analysis, and documentation to streamline your due diligence workflow.

Evaluate investment opportunities and make informed decisions regarding allocation of capital with deal data.

Screenshot of Altvia's AIMPro helping deal teams measure deal velocity.

Simplify data complexity and make informed investment decisions with the help of clear and accurate data visualizations.

Harness historical return data for predictive investment insights and to identify strategic value creation initiatives within portfolio companies.

Effectively monitor your portfolio with real-time insights into performance metrics, risk factors, and growth opportunities across investments.

Screenshot of Altvia's AIMPro helping deal teams measure portfolio performance.

What's Included

Image of investor analyzing data.

Compressed CRM Workflows

Streamline deal origination, pipeline management, and deal closure all in one consolidated, intuitive place – instead of clicking your way through a complex CRM platform. 

Best Practice Reporting

Make well-informed and strategic investment decisions with accurate deal data at your fingertips.

Auto Email Logging

Automate your email logging workflow with our ability to automatically sync emails and calendars directly into our AIM CRM.

Firm-wide solution

We recognize that a firm isn’t just comprised of a deal team. AIMPro solves a firm-wide data problem by consolidating information into one source of truth.

#1 CRM Power

AIMPro is uniquely positioned to leverage the Salesforce infrastructure and $4+ billion R&D budget to help investment professionals excel in dealmaking efforts.

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