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Client Case Studies

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Before the firm began truly capitalizing on Altvia’s capabilities, they were sending out information via email and having to field individual replies coming back.

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The fact that Altvia enables a digital, consumer-like experience for LPs that creates transparency and builds trust is also important to Cendana Capital, as is the way the solutions streamline internal interactions.

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Midwest Growth Partners’ (“MGP) vision is to be the preeminent alternative asset manager serving overlooked geographies. MGP has intentionally positioned itself to offer situationally correct capital structures for each company.

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Much of the deal tracking and relationship tracking functionality that IMC was looking for already existed in AIM. The industry-specific functionality, however, needed to be built into their version of AIM.

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AIM started saving the Plexus team time and making them more efficient. The 20-page Monday morning meeting reports that used to take up to 10 hours could now be compiled in 15 minutes.

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Spire Capital implemented a portfolio company dashboard in its LP portal, which enables them to easily pull up mark-to-market valuations at a fund level for each portfolio company.

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RCP Advisors tracks fundraising, due diligence, and portfolio management. Altvia’s consolidated insights allow the team to see relationships and performance at a glance...

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Techstars needed to move the countless shared folders, documents, and spreadsheets they used to track portfolio companies into a better solution. They found Altvia as the perfect fit for the organization...

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In addition to AIM, Edge Natural Resources also selected Correspond Investor Edition to simplify investor communications like capital calls and document splitting as well as ShareSecure to...

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Altvia’s CRM solution, AIM, gave ClearVision a centralized database for all their investor information. Correspond Investor and Market Editions made it easy for Zachary to create...

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Phoenix Equity Partners has now transitioned to a paperless workplace thanks in part to AIM, and the ability for its investment managers and partners to find the same CRM-related information, whether via a PC or a mobile device.

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Institutional Venture Partners uses Altvia’s portal and email marketing tools to streamline fundraising efforts. After switching to Altvia the team decreased the time spent building reports by 10x...

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With increasing assets under management, Crestone sought out a system to support business growth, create operational efficiencies, and better serve their stakeholders.

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While doing her due diligence on private equity CRM vendors, Ginsberg was referred to Altvia through LFM’s outsourced investor relations resource, who also works with...

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Crosslink Capital found that their original Salesforce implementation was not sufficient for their firm and migrated to Altvia so their deal and investor relations teams are built to scale...

Featured Case Study

GCP Relies on Altvia From the Start to Ensure Rapid Access to Key Conversation Details and Secure Sharing of Information With Stakeholders

Connor Dawson is a managing director at GCP. He joined the firm in January 2018 after having spent four years at Wind Point Partners. There, he was responsible for sourcing, executing, and managing private equity investments, and assisted in the execution of three platforms and nine add-on acquisitions while managing five investments.

Having used Altvia at Wind Point Partners, Dawson was confident that it could help GCP, and the firm began using the solution from Day 1. With that decision made, the only real “challenge” GCP had was deciding how best to utilize all of the functionality in the different system components that they chose to use.

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