Automate investor relations with a private equity platform

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating physical distance between investors and fund managers, frequent communication is even more paramount. Firms historically struggle to create a consistent and clear flow of information with their LPs, causing…



deal management

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource: Fund Administration Special

“To outsource or not to outsource,” was the lead question from PEI’s editor, Graeme Kerr, for their Fund Administration Special 2017.

How to Turn Your Firm Into a Digital Transformation Leader

Every company is becoming a software company. Today, no company can make, deliver or market its products well without technology.
fund management software

What is a Private Equity Technology Assessment?

The assessment is a framework around the Business Maturity Model which outlines key components to consider as you invest in and evolve your use of technology within your firm.


4 Steps To Fund Manager Software Implementation Success

When you’re selecting a data management system and/or an implementation technology partner, it’s critical to work with a team that understands your industry and has experience implementing software for other fund managers.

Four Areas to Consider During the Fundraising Process

Private equity success is highly dependent on your ability to successfully fundraise. In the past, much of the fundraising process and related communication were managed manually.

How Can I Target Investors with Private Equity Fundraising Software?

When it comes to private equity fundraising software, potential clients often start the conversation by inquiring, “How can I better target investors for my private equity fundraising?”

Deal Flow

deal management

Deal Flow and Deal Management Technology

Perhaps more so than in any other industry, decision making is critical to success in private equity and venture capital.
deal flow management

Adopt Technology to Power Deal Flow Management

How private equity firms can fully adopt technology and the use data to power deal management and inform your fundraising activities.
deal pipeline

Scale Your Deal Pipeline with Private Equity Technology and Data

As more business development and deal teams go virtual for private equity, there are tools to help fuel the deal pipeline for growth

Investor Relations​

Achieve Optimum Efficiency in Your Private Equity Operations

Every industry on the planet sees the difference that digital technology makes to their processes, reporting, and communication.
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Today’s LPs Expect Personalized Relationship Management

Technology can enable you to build a personalized relationship management process to give LPs the personalized experience they expect.


Changes to AIM from Salesforce Summer ’21 Release

You can now work through list views for any object included in your navigation bar with a split-screen that provides a full-record view of a selected record and keeps you rooted in the context of the list you accessed it from.

Technology, Security, & Intelligence Influence in Private Equity

Altvia’s SVP, Industry Solutions & Strategy, Jeff Williams led a panel on Technology, Security, & Intelligence Influence in Private Equity at the 9th annual Private Equity US Spring Forum hosted by Markets Group.
national pet day

National Pet Day 2021- Altvia

For National Pet Day we wanted to highlight some of Altvia’s furry friends. They help us get our work done and stay motivated.

Preferred Return Podcast

sneaking up on you

Sneaking Up On You: Preferred Return Podcast Transcript

waiting on the world to change

Waiting on the World to Change: Preferred Return Podcast Transcript

Applications of AI: Preferred Return Podcast Transcript

Preferred Return Podcast

The Private Equity Techstack Podcast

This is a podcast about the role of technology in private equity and venture capital. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry and have them share best practices, trends they’re seeing, and how firms use technology to gain an edge in the market.

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