Automate investor relations with a private equity platform

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating physical distance between investors and fund managers, frequent communication is even more paramount. Firms historically struggle to create a consistent and clear flow of information with their LPs, causing…



investor relations

Does Your Fund Management Software Give Investors What They Want?

The increasing investor appetite for the asset class is well documented, but what does it mean for the fund management software they use?

Rethinking the Secure Data Room: This is Not a Feature War

Years ago, when we developed ShareSecure, our secure data room and LP portal, we were tempted to look at other data rooms or portal solutions on the market and just copy all the features they had.
private equity tech stack

The Ultimate Private Equity & Venture Capital Techstack

Digital transformation for the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry was well on its way pre-pandemic, and the global health crisis set that trajectory years ahead.


fund management software

Private Equity Firms Focus on Fund Management Efficiency to Drive Growth

Fund management software company leads operational efficiency for fund managers. See how our private equity crm can help your business.
fundraising software

Fundraising in Salesforce for Private Equity

As the #1 CRM solution in the world, Salesforce is a powerful platform, but you need to use it right for it to be effective.
fund management software

ESG Benefits: Supporting Increased Corporate Responsibility

ESG benefits include Environmental, Social, and Governance which are all three different ways to measure companies' sustainability level.

Deal Flow

deal pipeline

Scale Your Deal Pipeline with Private Equity Technology and Data

As more business development and deal teams go virtual for private equity, there are tools to help fuel the deal pipeline for growth
deal pipeline

How Deal Teams Benefit From Better Access to Data

Effective due diligence for deal teams is about more than simply asking the right questions, which many firms fail to do.
ESG investing

ESG Investing Creates a Better Bottom Line for PE Firms

ESG investing is a method that seeks out companies that meet defined criteria in the ESG categories—Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Investor Relations​

sector focus

Redefining the Investor Experience in 2022 and Beyond

Altvia redefines the relationship between GPs and LPs and, in the process, creates a richer, more valuable investor experience.
investor relations

How Investor Relations Can Drive Limited Partners Engagement

Private Equity firms are asking themselves how they can remain top-of-mind for investors and increase LP engagement virtually.
virtual annual meetings

Virtual Annual Meetings: 4 Best Practices for Private Equity

The industry has shifted to virtual annual meetings, and with that shift has come the inevitable trial-and-error phase.


Altvia and Preqin Announce Strategic Partnership

Private capital market platform, Altvia, has partnered with Preqin, the industry’s most comprehensive alternative assets data provider.

Brie Aletto named CEO and President of Altvia Solutions, LLC

After a year of record revenue growth, Bow River Capital, the majority owner of Altvia, has named Brie Aletto CEO and President.

Altvia Wins Private Equity Wire’s “Best Secure Workflow Management Provider”

Altvia was awarded the 2021 Private Equity Wire's “Best Secure Workflow Management Provider” Award.

Preferred Return Podcast

The Ever Churning World of Product Management

We are ecstatic to sit down with Renee Niemi and Iris Chan from Mighty Capital, a VC firm that gives its portfolio companies exclusive access to >300,000 PMs and a playbook to turn them into customers.

Passing through Investor Onboarding

We’re thrilled to be joined by Tim Flannery, a co-founder of Passthrough — one company taking an interesting approach to solving this problem.

The Rise of the Individual Investor

In this episode, we’re joined by Steven Greenberg: Co-Founder & CEO of Totem VC, a modern operating system for fund managers.

Preferred Return Podcast

The Private Equity Techstack Podcast

This is a podcast about the role of technology in private equity and venture capital. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry and have them share best practices, trends they’re seeing, and how firms use technology to gain an edge in the market.

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