Altvia is a professional team of technology and business experts committed to delivering the only fully integrated Salesforce-centric solution in Private Equity


Since 2006, Altvia (fka App-X) has been focused on customer success and delivering the only fully integrated Salesforce-centric solution in Private Equity. Through the seamless communication of your operational data and LP portal, communication network and accounting system, Altvia connects your institutional knowledge with a future-focused product suite to give you the competitive edge that puts you years ahead of your competition.


With a new name and look to better represent who we are and where we’re headed in the future, we’re even more committed to the success of our Private Equity customers. The new name, Altvia, was carefully selected with much consideration for our culture, our brand, and our vision for the future. While “Alt” is a commonly-used abbreviation for Alternative Assets, it’s also a root form for alto and altitude, both of which signify “high” and “ascension.” When put together with “Via,” which signifies a path or a way, we feel it furthers our commitment to be “the path to the top” for our customers. For more information about this exciting transition, please read the press release. And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out  - we’d love to hear from you.


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Make Better Decisions with Private Equity’s Inbox Solution

Data is becoming king, next to cash – and in the world of Private Equity, capturing data can be challenging and extremely time-consuming. This data is oftentimes transferred via email and becomes limited due to the lack of systems integration to capture and consolidate. The limitation not only affects data integrity at the system level, but also the housing of institutional knowledge within a Private Equity firm. If a member of the firm leaves, the accrued knowledge leaves as well. This can become a major challenge in times of resource constraints for both fund managers and institutional investors – as well as in times of accelerated growth.

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A Call to Action for Private Equity’s Next Generation

Investors are hungry – and their appetite is fueled by increasing fundraising activity coupled with Private Equity returns continuing to beat those of all other asset classes over the medium and longer terms. However, investors are challenged to find attractive opportunities compared to a year ago when considering the thousands of funds being marketed. Selecting the right fund manager to navigate a challenging landscape is a very difficult prospect and this is where fund managers must differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded competitive landscape.

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How Is Fund Manager Performance Changing?

For fund managers in Private Equity, performance is not just investment strategy and track record, it now includes the ability to demonstrate proven operational excellence. This refers to regulatory and operational risk management as well as transparency in communications. Limited Partners want to know that the fund manager has the ability to handle risk and that they’re operating efficiently. This means the ability to track and report the exchange of information, portfolio performance and investment materials between fund managers and their investors so that investors have visibility into performance and are comfortable with their investment decision.

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