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Everybody’s Adopting AI : What Does It Mean for Private Equity?

All it took for firms to “see the light” about this new technology was a few organizations adopting AI successfully.

Trends Shaping The Future Direction of PCMs

The future of PCMs (Private Capital Markets) is filled with opportunities to drive long-term innovation, job creation, and growth.

The Impact of AI on Private Capital Markets

People in private capital markets tend to be more in the “excited” camp, as is clear from AI’s widespread adoption.


15 Steps to Fundraise a New PE/VC Fund

From building a backing of strong connections to empowering LPs with data-driven insights, no detail can be overlooked.
Fund Manager Software

When is the Right Time to Invest in Fund Management Software?

The short answer to the question “When is the right time to implement fund management software?” is, “Right now!”

The Best Proactive PE/VC Pipeline Management

Read on for our tips and common pitfalls to overcome to gain a proactive approach to your firm’s pipeline management once and for all.

Deal Flow

4 Best Practices for Private Equity Firms To Secure the Best Deals

What’s the takeaway for PE firms? The lesson is that you can avoid financial difficulties in rough economic times by improving your ability to land big deals.
deal flow

A Hyper Competitive Market Means Deal Flow Needs to Go Digital

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms must take steps to digitize their deal flow or risk being left behind by the competition.

Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model for Private Equity Firms

When it comes to growing your firm, sometimes it helps to have a bit of leverage, and we’re not talking about having the right people...

Investor Relations​

The Most Active Investors in Cybersecurity

In the last five years, the top 10 private equity firms focused on cybersecurity have completed 146 deals.
LP engagement

Investor Retention 101: How to Keep Them Coming Back for More

Take the five actions outlined in this blog, and you’ll find that your investor retention increases significantly.

Fund Deck to Pitch LPs when Fundraising

We’ve put together a step-by-step checklist to help your firm assemble a fool-proof deck so you can effectively pitch LPs.

Preferred Return Podcast

The Private Equity Techstack Podcast

This is a podcast about the role of technology in private equity and venture capital. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry and have them share best practices, trends they’re seeing, and how firms use technology to gain an edge in the market.

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