deal management

Deal Flow and Deal Management Technology

Perhaps more so than in any other industry, decision making is critical to success in private equity and venture capital.
deal flow management

Adopt Technology to Power Deal Flow Management

How private equity firms can fully adopt technology and the use data to power deal management and inform your fundraising activities.
deal pipeline

Scale Your Deal Pipeline with Private Equity Technology and Data

As more business development and deal teams go virtual for private equity, there are tools to help fuel the deal pipeline for growth

Deal Sourcing Platforms: 4 Best Practices for Private Equity Firms

The following article will explore four key aspects of the process and how you can leverage them to increase your odds of success.

How Deal Teams Embrace Private Equity Technology to Stay Competitive

Private equity firms are in a competitive market and they have to stay up-to-date with technology if they want to stay relevant.

Interactions: How Successful Private Equity Teams Organize Notes

Looking for a better way for your private equity firm to manage notes? You need a technology platform that has an interactions feature.

What You Need to Know About Deal Flow Management

Deal flow management is the organization of information so your firm can access all the relevant data to make crucial, timely decisions.

How to Streamline Quarterly Reporting for Your Deal Team

Use technology to streamline quarterly reporting for your deal team. An efficient and repeatable process is the best way to stay competitive and win more deals.

The Many Ways to Use AIM Mobile

From fundraising to due diligence to portfolio management, deal teams have to stay on top of all of the relevant details in a fast-paced environment.

Leverage Technology for a Successful Due Diligence Process

What would happen if you had better access to data and tracking in real-time? Fund managers need remote access to their data anytime and anywhere.

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The Private Equity Techstack Podcast

This is a podcast about the role of technology in private equity and venture capital. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry and have them share best practices, trends they’re seeing, and how firms use technology to gain an edge in the market.

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