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Our white papers dive deeper into industry trends, issues, policies, and how your firm can adapt in the changing market.

White Paper | Key Workflows & Data Points in Fundraising & Investing

Keeping LPs informed and engaged is a complex process. LPs commonly request their capital call history or updates on the status of a portfolio company.

White Paper | Customizing Salesforce for Fund Managers

The Salesforce platform can be an invaluable tool to fund managers see king to streamline fundraising, more effectively manage their portfolios, and gain a competitive advantage over competing funds.

White Paper | Four Steps to Differentiate in Private Capital Markets

Differentiation is the result of efforts to stand out as a provider of unique value to customers versus the competition.

White Paper | Four Benefits of Salesforce for Private Equity

Firms find the platform intimidating to work with because of the robust features it offers out-of-the-box.

White Paper | 7 Key Differences between Altvia and Salesforce with a Consultant

Many fund managers in the private capital markets come to Altvia while also evaluating consultants to customize the Salesforce CRM for deal flow management and investor relations.

White Paper | Differentiate With Data To Drive Growth For Private Capital Markets

Investing in the firm’s future - or not - could mean the difference between growth and stagnation.

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