White Paper | Key Workflows & Data Points in Fundraising & Investing


Keeping LPs informed and engaged is a complex process. LPs commonly request their capital call history or updates on the status of a portfolio company. These requests set off a chain of events, starting with the investor relations team actually tracking the interaction and required follow up task, then on to fund accounting for a capital account statement, and later to the investment team to gather data on the portfolio company, perhaps figures like revenue and margins. All the while, the LP is tapping their fingers, wondering if the delays mean the firm doesn’t have it together.

Repeat investment from LPs is the lifeblood of the most established firms, though those allocations are finite and the industry has never been more competitive. However, the reality is that no matter how established your firm is, the respective teams (IR, Investing, etc.) typically operate in isolation. This lack of coordination / visibility across functions, when paired with point solutions or manual processes, creates data silos and unnecessary admin work. Time spent here cannibalizes focus and energy that secures investors and closes deals.

To raise funds faster and provide a better investor experience, firms need to enable internal teams to work in concert, powered by a technology strategy that gives everyone the data they need across the investment lifecycle for both internal and external stakeholders. In this white paper, we’ll share how to build a winning technology strategy that leverages accessible data, basic automation and other common technology drivers to provide the operating leverage firms need to move faster without sacrificing effectiveness or hiring armies.

Chapter 1: What Matters to Each Team?

Chapter 1: What Matters to Each Team?

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