White Paper | Leverage Technology to Keep Fundraising Strong

While fundraising slowed down since the pandemic started, firms with experience during economic downturns are using this time to remain top of mind for their investors.

Success in the Private Capital Markets is highly dependent on the firm’s ability to fundraise. In the past, much of the fundraising process and communications were manual. In recent years, the explosive growth in the Private Capital Markets increased the volume of people, information, and activities there are to manage.

Previously, you would be able to hang your hat on past relationships and handshakes, but today, LPs demand more access to information, proactive communications, reporting, and seamless exchanges with their GPs. With these increased expectations, it’s worth taking a closer look at the fundraising process to determine how you can keep the momentum.

Evaluate your investor’s experience so you can identify opportunities to improve communications and leverage technology to be more proactive and provide greater information access to your LPs.

Target The Right Investors

Focus on LPs and investors who fit a specific profile to quickly close the fund and generate the best returns

Execute & Optimize Campaigns

Send email campaigns with a click and understand how prospective investors respond to your messaging

Communicate Your Edge With Data

Use objective data to communicate your firm’s track record, ongoing execution of the investment thesis, and other key points of differentiation

“We now have clear and accurate historical documentation of fundraising efforts and IR communications as a reference before speaking with investors or prospects”.

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