Meet Our Team

Meet the Altvia technology pioneers that provide innovation and collaboration to our valued clients and strategic partners.

Headshot of Brie Aletto, President and CEO

Brie Aletto

President & CEO

Headshot of Christine Dye, CFO

Christine Dye

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Jeff Williams, Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Headshot of Sabra Willner, SVP of Marketing

Sabra Willner

Chief Marketing Officer

Headshot of Ray Grant, VP of Client Solutions

Ray Grant

VP, Client Solutions

Headshot of Joshua Haas, VP of Product

Joshua Haas

VP, Product

Headshot of Jef Rice, Head of Engineering

Jef Rice

VP, Engineering

Headshot of Ericka Taylor, Head of Human Resources

Ericka Taylor

Director, Human Resources

Colin Allodi, VP of Sales, headshot

Colin Allodi

VP, Sales

Headshot of John Fidel

John Fidel


Headshot of Sasha Cavett

Sasha Cavett

Senior Accountant

Headshot of Scott Starkey

Scott Starkey

Director, Client Growth

Headshot of Nicole Pernice

Nicole Pernice

Sr. Area Vice President

Headshot of Emery Rust

Emery Rust

Area Vice President

Headshot of Patrick Holleran

Patrick Holleran

Area Vice President

Headshot of Jack Roth

Jack Roth

Area Vice President

Headshot of Kylor Johnson

Kylor Johnson

Account Executive, Mid Market

Headshot of Lucas Cowell

Lucas Cowell

Solutions Consultant

Headshot of Colin Farawell

Colin Farawell

Principal Solutions Consultant

Headshot of Marle Curle

Marle Curle

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Headshot of Juliet Manley

Juliet Manley

Revenue Operations Manager

Headshot of Drew Coy

Drew Coy

Business Development Manager

Headshot of Jack Herrmann

Jack Herrmann

Sr. Business Development Rep

Headshot of Allyson Youngquist

Allyson Youngquist

Sr. Business Development Rep

Headshot of Jessica Zarkovic

Jessica Zarkovic

BI/Data Manager

Headshot of Allie Heisler

Allie Heisler

Manager, Implementation Services

Headshot of Kerry McCrosson

Kerry McCrosson

Sr. Implementation Specialist

Headshot of Drew Michael

Drew Michael

Sr. Implementation Specialist

Headshot of Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams

Sr. Implementation Specialist

Headshot of Tyler Hagnauer

Tyler Hagnauer

Technical Consultant

Headshot of Josh Mills

Josh Mills

Senior BI/Data Analyst

Headshot of Matt Deetz

Matt Deetz

BI/Data Analyst

Headshot of Will Hale

William Hale

BI/Data Analyst

Headshot of Rob Luckett

Rob Luckett

Director, Technical Accounts

Headshot of Nick Petraglia

Nick Petraglia

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Headshot of Craig Petraglia

Craig Petraglia

Enterprise Account Director

Headshot of Gabriella "LaLa" Saragosa

Gabriella Saragosa

Technical Account Manager

Headshot of Matthew LeMoine

Matthew LeMoine

Technical Account Manager

Headshot of Peter Rowe

Peter Rowe

Technical Account Manager

Headshot of Hannah Reed

Hannah Reed

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Headshot of Nick Spiliotis

Nick Spiliotis

Customer Success Manager

Headshot of Blake Mounts

Blake Mounts

Customer Success Manager

Headshot of Robert Reyes

Robert Reyes

Customer Support Manager

Headshot of Alex Snider

Alexander Snider

Customer Support Lead

Headshot of Rachel Janes

Rachel Janes

Sr. Customer Support

Headshot of Ricardo Mercado

Ricardo Mercado

Customer Support

Headshot of Cameron Gallipo

Cameron Gallipo

Customer Support

Headshot of Jack Penniall

Jack Penniall

Customer Support

Headshot of Paul Vangelakos

Paul Vangelakos

Product Owner

Headshot of Cole Maltese

Cole Maltese

Product Owner

Headshot of AJ Colaizzi

AJ Colaizzi

Product Business Analyst

Headshot of Dylan Chiado

Dylan Chiado

Sr. Software Engineer

Headshot Daniel Frampton

Daniel Frampton

Sr. Software Engineer

Headshot of Mallesh Nagarajan

Mallesh Nagarajan

Sr. Software Engineer

Headshot of Stephanie Norton

Stephanie Norton

Software Developer – Mid

Headshot of Matt Howey

Matt Howey

Software Developer

Headshot of Andy Holt

Andy Holt

Software Developer

Headshot of Kat Wolanska

Kat Wolanska

Software Developer

Headshot of Jeff Ijjas

Jeff Ijjas

Software Engineer

Headshot of Katy Powell

Katy Powell

QA Manager

Xiaomin Chen

FrontEnd Developer

Since 2006, Altvia
has Focused On...

Creating a way for firms to raise and deploy capital, managing the full lifecycle of investor relations, follow-ups, keeping track of deal flow, doing due diligence, etc.

Our software is now used by a number of reputable firms to manage complexity as the firm grows, funds multiply, and the LP base expands.

Preferred Return Podcast

The Private Equity Techstack Podcast

This is a podcast about the role of technology in private equity and venture capital. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry and have them share best practices, trends they’re seeing, and how firms use technology to gain an edge in the market.

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Now, you can have your Salesforce cake, and eat it, too. Meet Altvia’s AIMPro for deal teams, a proprietary solution that transforms the power and complexity of the #1 global CRM infrastructure into a modern UX that streamlines deal discovery, management, and closure.