Altvia is a professional team of technology and business experts committed to delivering the only fully integrated Salesforce-centric solution in Private Equity


Since 2006, Altvia (fka App-X) has been focused on customer success and delivering the only fully integrated Salesforce-centric solution in Private Equity. We work exclusively in the Private Equity ecosystem and combine over ten years of industry experience with best of breed technology to deliver flexible solutions that are easy to adopt, economical to implement and evolve over time to scale with your growth. As your partner, we enable you to harness and translate data into intelligence with a future-focused product suite to give you the competitive edge that puts you years ahead of your competition.


With a new name and look to better represent who we are and where we’re headed in the future, we’re even more committed to the success of our Private Equity customers. The new name, Altvia, was carefully selected with much consideration for our culture, our brand, and our vision for the future. While “Alt” is a commonly-used abbreviation for Alternative Assets, it’s also a root form for alto and altitude, both of which signify “high” and “ascension.” When put together with “Via,” which signifies a path or a way, we feel it furthers our commitment to be “the path to the top” for our customers. For more information about this exciting transition, please read the press release. And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out  - we’d love to hear from you.


Our purpose is to make Altvia a source of energy, inspiration and abundance for our employees, clients, and partners.



Doing good business means doing good for our employees, community and the environment. As part of our community focus, we partner with several outstanding non-profit organizations:


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