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Altvia’s purpose is to be a source of energy, inspiration, and abundance for our employees, clients and partners.


Since 2006, Altvia
has Focused On...

Creating a way for firms to raise and deploy capital, managing the full lifecycle of investor relations, follow-ups, keeping track of deal flow, doing due diligence, etc.

Our Founder, Kevin Kelly, previously served in a CTO advisory role to a Chicago-based Buyout Fund of Funds with nearly $1B under management. He saw a big need for the industry to adopt future-proof tech instead of managing their relationships on spreadsheets.

Our software is now used by a number of reputable firms to manage complexity as the firm grows, funds multiply, and the LP base expands.

Our Purpose

Altvia’s purpose is to be a source of energy, inspiration, and abundance for our employees, clients, and partners

Transparency & Trust

All of our actions come from a place of trust. Trust from an interpersonal level but also because we have expertise and competence. We believe in “straight talk” and provide feedback directly.

We Over Me

Intentional and purpose-driven in all that we do. We’re up to something bigger than the individual. As an organization, we can accomplish more than we can alone.

Accountable In Our Actions

We create an amazing culture and company and as a result, we drive outcomes. We strive to do our best and when we come up short, we’ll own up to it and figure out how to do better.

Ambitious & Evolving

The only reason you say it's impossible is that it’s never been done before. We’re out to do something that may not have been done before: Build a company that feeds your mind and soul.

The Altvia Platform:

The GP-LP relationship is evolving to a new level with changing market dynamics and higher performance expectations. Altvia understands the critical nature of this relationship and developed a market-leading technology platform for the firm lifecycle.

Altvia is the leading provider for CRM and investor & deal management systems specifically built for Private Capital Market firms. Founded in 2006, Altvia has hundreds of world-class clients and supports over 40,000 LP investors. The company’s mobile-optimized platform is transforming the way GPs deliver continuous value, real-time decision support, and secure communications to their valued constituents.

Want to get started?

We have a team of experts, with decades of private equity experience, who are here to work with you to support system adoption and change management while meeting your firm’s unique business needs

Brie Aletto

Brie Aletto

President & CEO

Ben Hendershot

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Kjael Skaalerud

Chief Revenue Officer

chad k

Chad Kaltenstein

SVP, Global Professional Services

Jill Montera

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Nicole Ryder

Nicole Ryder

VP, People

Ray Grant

Ray Grant

Executive Director, Client Success

Jim Cummings

SVP, Engineering

Amber Owen

Office Manager

Jen Piumarta

Director of Employee Experience & Training

Alli Headrick

Accounting Manager

Addison Krausch

IT Manager

John Fidel

Accounting Associate

Juliet Manley

Revenue Operations Manager

Scott Starkey

Area Vice President

Emery Rust

Area Vice President


Patrick Holleran

Area Vice President

Alena Garcia

Sr. Solutions Consultant

Brandon Jansma

Sr. Solutions Consultant

Joe Morgan

Business Development Manager

Blake Mounts

Business Development Manager

Kylor Johnson

Business Development Manager

Jeff Ijjas

Director, Professional Services

Jessica Zarkovic

Senior BI Analyst

Andrew Visich

BI Analyst

Peter Rowe

Sr. Implementation Specialist

Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams

Project Manager

Allie Heisler

Project Manager

Elizabeth Frazee

Elizabeth Frazee

Project Manager

tyler hagnauer

Tyler Hagnauer

Implementation Specialist

Matt Deetz

Implementation Specialist

Rob Luckett

Director, Technical Accounts

Craig Petraglia

Technical Account Manager

Cole Maltese

Technical Account Manager

Gabriella Saragosa

Technical Account Manager

Nick Petraglia

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Hannah Reed

Customer Success Manager

Nick Spiliotis

Customer Success Manager

Alyssa Debella

Customer Support Manager

Jack Means

Jack Means

Customer Support

Alexander Snider

Customer Support

Josh Mills

Customer Support

Robert Reyes

Customer Support

dylan dempsey

Dylan Dempsey

VP, Growth

Morgan Pearson

Digital Growth Manager

Molly Flynn

Principal Product Manager

Ryan Mcneil

Engineering Team Lead


Paul Vangelakos

Product Owner


Macks Beebe

Product Owner

Abhay Muttur

Product Owner

Matt Howey

Salesforce Administrator

Dylan Chiado

Software Developer

Kat Wolanska

Software Developer

Ian Holladay

Software Developer

Daniel Frampton

Software Developer

Andy Holt

Software Developer

Stephanie Norton

Software Developer

Nico Rithner

Software Developer

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Life at Altvia is exciting- from solving business challenges for our customers to building new solutions. If you’re interested in joining our team, we encourage you to check back for open positions by clicking the button below.