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Join us to learn about the role of technology within private equity and venture capital firms. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry to discuss best practices, the trends they’re seeing, and how firms are using technology to gain an edge in the market – raising funds faster, generating outsized returns, and delivering a world-class experience for LPs.

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Future Proof Your Private Equity or Venture Capital Firm

Join us for a discussion on how to Future Proof Your Private Equity or Venture Capital Firm, with thought leaders and bright minds from across the industry. 

It’s widely accepted that private capital firms are slow to adopt technology. The appetite is there, though leaders lack the frameworks to understand the role technology can play in the firm, and the action plans that deliver a reasonable path toward a modern, tech-enabled operating environment. 

There are few records yet to be broken in 2021, from VC dollars invested to buyout activity and beyond. Technology is a mostly underexploited lever in the industry and it’s proving to be a core source of competitive advantage for firms that are open to challenging the status quo.

Season 1, Episode 9 | 59 min


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