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Join us to learn about the role of technology within private equity and venture capital firms. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry to discuss best practices, the trends they’re seeing, and how firms are using technology to gain an edge in the market – raising funds faster, generating outsized returns, and delivering a world-class experience for LPs.

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It’s Time for Angel Investing to Evolve

Jason Burke, Founding Partner at TBD Angels in the Boston area, decided it was time to take matters into his own hands by building...

Democratizing Venture Capital Investing

We are joined by Matthew Klein, Chief Experience Officer at Sweater Ventures, focused on giving retail investors courtside seats to the VC game.

The Ever Churning World of Product Management

We are ecstatic to sit down with Renee Niemi and Iris Chan from Mighty Capital, a VC firm that gives its portfolio companies exclusive access to >300,000 PMs and a playbook to turn them into customers.

Passing through Investor Onboarding

We’re thrilled to be joined by Tim Flannery, a co-founder of Passthrough — one company taking an interesting approach to solving this problem.

The Rise of the Individual Investor

In this episode, we’re joined by Steven Greenberg: Co-Founder & CEO of Totem VC, a modern operating system for fund managers.

The Future of GP-LP Matchmaking in Private Markets

There’s been some buzz in the market about “Tinder for PE”, but TritonLake is confident that private market matchmaking will always be made up of

Featured Episode

It’s Time for Angel Investing to Evolve

I have an interesting deal for you all, who’s interested?

Angel communities have been held back by manual tools and workflows that prevent collaboration on deal flow, slow down investing decisions and, ultimately, prevent broader participation from those that would like to invest in the start-up asset class without the typical constraints of investing in a VC fund.  

Jason Burke, Founding Partner at TBD Angels in the Boston area, decided it was time to take matters into his own hands by building software to solve the challenges he was experiencing firsthand. Thus, All Stage was established to provide investment ecosystems with a modern technology platform. Tune in to learn more, the future for All Stage and angel investors everywhere appears to be brighter than ever.

Season 1, Episode 14 | 31 min


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