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Altvia’s fully integrated product suite and expertise optimize the Salesforce platform for the world of Private Equity. As your partner, we enable you to harness and translate data into institutional knowledge giving you the competitive advantage to advance your success.

Altvia’s CRM solution, AIM, combines the Salesforce platform with a proven process to harness the institutional knowledge of your communications, LP portal and back-end systems. Successfully raise and deploy capital, ensure compliance and deliver a trusted and transparent experience to stakeholders and investors.

“Its [AIM’s] DNA is in Private Equity, which is why it works for us. And 80% of the success is due to the implementation. Also, we’re not stuck with a product we cannot modify. It can evolve as we grow and expand as new needs arise.”
– Steve Darrington, Partner and CFO, Phoenix Equity Partners


Contact and Activity Management

• Track information about the people and organizations with whom you communicate, along with detailed records of each interaction and related fundraising activity

Deal and Fund Tracking

• Capture critical information throughout all stages of the due diligence and investing process, and instantly generate reports on status and progress with a single click

Portfolio Management

• Put information at partners’ fingertips with reports and dashboards capturing the portfolio of investments and current valuation information and critical metrics

Communcations and Investor Relations

• Grow relationships with a fully integrated, end-to-end communication solution for your entire network consisting of Altvia Correspond Investor Edition (for investor-facing documents and notifications) and Altvia Correspond Market Edition (for mass communications such as prospecting, fundraising, deal announcements, and roadshows)

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