Private Equity CRM & Data Management

A fully integrated CRM platform built for private equity, consolidates your data into a single source of truth that scales with your firm through each capital raise and deployment.

Data Management in a Private Equity CRM

Altvia’s fully integrated product suite is paired with decades of industry experience for the Private Capital Markets. Translate data and relationships into institutional knowledge to gain the competitive advantage you need to advance your firm for the future.

Altvia’s CRM solution, is a proven solution to harness interactions of your investments, portfolio performance, and back-end systems to scale your growth. Integrate your data with a built-in LP Portal and Data Visualization tool to power your internal and external teams. Successfully raise and deploy capital, ensure compliance and deliver a trusted and transparent experience to stakeholders and investors.

I think it [AIM] helped us to look at our data in a different way. We had been looking very high level and now we are able to break it down and be more specific. We have more accurate and more meaningful data — we can everything more real-time. We are a lot more efficient.

Adam Ciborowski

Vice President, RCP Advisors


Unleash The Power of Relationships

Altvia’s CRM allows you to collect and report on information related to the organizations and people with whom you interact. Leveraging’s native Account/Company and Contact features with Altvia’s proprietary Connections and Interactions provides unparalleled levels of intelligence to your entire organization.

  • Track detailed notes on calls, meetings, and emails
  • 360-visibility by connecting Accounts and contacts to Deals, Funds, and Investor Records
  • Email notifications to keep your team aligned

Track Fundraising And Investor Relations

Altvia’s Fundraising functionality manages the capital raising process from start to finish, providing 100% clarity on the prospects you’re working with and those you’ve received commitments from. Together with Altvia’s Interaction feature, the fundraising feature provides a new level of detail on prospects and investors.

  • Automatically generate, distribute and track PPMs
  • Launch new fundraising efforts from previous fund data
  • Follow real-time fundraising progress with rich reporting

Powerful Portfolio Management

AIM’s Deal-tracking functionality optimizes the evaluation process of fund and direct investment opportunities from sourcing to completion. The CRM holds every piece of information you have on a potential investment — deal information, fund details, due diligence — allowing you to make informed and efficient decisions. Track all performance-related aspects over time including valuation information and other critical metrics.

  • Streamline due diligence with custom checklists for your evaluation stages
  • Ensure compliance with a regimented process for auditors and investors
  • Calculate meaningful ratios for direct investments
  • Customize tracking to your firm’s preferred stages, investment types and asset classes

Instant Data Visualization

Dashboards representing capital-raising, pipelines, and communications are easily set up and end-users have the ability to customize displays. Dashboards appear upon login or can be scheduled to run and email to any user or groups of users at regular intervals.

  • Gain unparalleled insight into your deal flow sources, valuation trends and more
  • Use easy-to-configure dashboards to derive insights
  • Subscribe to emails to stay on top of trends or open items


Cloud-based CRM with pre-built workflows built for the Private Capital Markets

Mobile application for easy access to AIM data or log calls and meetings from your phone

Lighting ready for fast navigation, powerful data visualization, and personalization

Purpose-built modules specific to Private Equity

Effectively manage day-to-day operations and compliance

Integrated communications including mass or secure email services

Desktop integration for Microsoft Outlook and Excel

No database or hardware to maintain


Email For Private Equity

AIM integrates with Outlook and Gmail to help you take your relationships to the next level.

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