Capital markets tend to be in a continual state of evolution. With new regulations, unsettled international economies, shifts in investor goals, and new approaches to decision making, 2019 is likely to be another year of significant change.

Personalizing Investor Relations

As a result, firms will find that the work their investor relations teams does in fostering direct engagement is more important than ever. The team’s ability to connect effectively with investors, analysts, advisers, and wealth managers is critical and can give an organization an edge in the fierce competition for funding. Not only does regular contact from the IR team in the form of market presentations, earning announcements, financial statements, and quarterly reports give decision makers the quantitative and qualitative data they need to develop their investment strategy, it provides a sense of confidence that they are well informed in times of rapid market evolution.

Personalized Communication is Key

investor relations communication

While any communication from your IR team has value, outreach that is customized to the recipient’s needs is much more effective for two reasons. First, by giving the investor the type and amount of information they are looking for at the right cadence you make it easier for them to reach the conclusion that your organization has the characteristics that interest them. Second, the personal touch helps your IR team and your firm stand out in a field crowded with organizations seeking funding by showing that you understand the recipient’s information needs and are going the extra mile to meet them.

However, there is a reason companies send mass emails: it’s more efficient. An IR team must invest time and effort to personalize communications. This is especially if you are customizing your communications manually. Fortunately, there is technology that provides the best of both worlds: easy dissemination of information at scale with messaging tailored to each recipient’s needs. This higher level of customer service can differentiate your organization.

The right communication tool can provide an IR team with functionality that elevates its practices. This includes features for:

  • Managing data and contact lists
  • Crafting and sending engaging messaging with customizable templates
  • Integrating with other platforms like Salesforce
  • Developing dynamic “smart lists”
  • Reporting
  • Analyzing data to improve deal sourcing and fundraising

Capitalizing on Your Expertise

The knowledge and experience of your IR team is, of course, crucial to your success. No amount of technology will compensate for a lack of expertise. But, you’ve got to share your insights effectively if you want to maximize the value of your expertise.

Leveraging advanced technology allows you to get the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time and with a personal approach that increases the likelihood they will notice it. By customizing your communications and encouraging a two-way exchange, you deepen your relationship with the recipient. What’s more, by providing information that is timely and relevant, you earn their trust in your IR team and your organization as they move down the path toward greater engagement.

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