ShareSecure LP Portal

Virtual Data Room and GP-LP EngageMent Platform


Improving your GP-LP relationships and enhancing the investor experience with simple, efficient, and transparent processes are goals of any private equity firm. A seamless solution for these opportunities is ShareSecure – the leading engagement platform for the investor relationship. This virtual data room provides a secure hub for GPs and LPs to interact. Post data and investment materials, share multimedia files such as recorded webinars and video presentations for fundraising. Accelerate investor engagements with digital signatures. Furthermore, manage all of your important documents – from draft to final – ensuring accuracy for investors and compliance.

I wanted to be ahead of the game at Edge Natural Resources and ensure a smooth process and investor experience.

Stacie Moore

Partner and CFO, Edge Natural Resources


Streamline your user experience to maximize engagement

ShareSecure is a modern, virtual data room that makes it easy for you to create, track, and audit the materials you want to provide your investors for a high-touch LP portal experience. It’s a powerful way for your investors to find what they need, when they need it. Coupled with an integration for AIM on Salesforce, fund managers can improve transparency and increase engagement across their pipeline.


  • Easily and accurately share files with your investors and other users including multimedia files such as videos, audio files and recorded webinars
  • Customize user permissions give access to the right documents at the right time with the expiration dates your firm needs
  • Request, capture and track digital signatures from your users
  • Provide seamless mobile-friendly document access for end-users

Create a complete investor experience to hit your fundraising goals

Your Investor Portal is just that–the branded experience your firm gives your potential investors. Manage and track the important documents and activities you need for a successful fundraising process, all with a look-and-feel that reinforces your brand.

  • Customize your mobile-friendly portal including your logo, dynamic watermarking, and preferred sender email address to reinforce your investor connection
  • Gain total awareness of your users’ activities with data points such as logins, document views, and downloads as well as the ability to export summary reports for compliance tracking
  • Easily create, track and audit Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Electronic K1 Consents, and more using ShareSecure’s Consent Management functionality


Protect your sensitive documents with enterprise-grade security

From 2-factor authentication to virus scanning and user management, ShareSecure protects your firm and investments. Support your compliance efforts with document versioning, secure data transmission and encryption, and detailed access logs.

  • Control individual user access with the ability to set expiration dates
  • Accurately manage and track documents from draft to final, published version with the ability to require admin approval before users are granted access
  • Protect unauthorized sharing with dynamic watermarks that can be customized to include your desired fields



ShareSecure is an easy-to-use, complete investor portal experience

Capable of absorbing data and integrating with most CRM related systems


Video and recorded webinar post, share, and tracking technology


Document process tracking with approval verification


Digital document signing with status notification and tracking capabilities


Required strong, complex passwords and 2-Factor Authentication


Unlimited storage with no user caps


TLS/SSL & AES-256 encryption and detailed device access logs to ensure privacy and security of data in transit and at rest


Device agnostic and mobile-friendly–No database or hardware to maintain


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