Increased market competition for deals and capital in Private Equity has uncovered opportunities to strengthen and grow your network as a competitive advantage. With communication and transparency now as the centerpiece of the GP-LP relationship, Altvia is focused on redefining the way GPs, LPs, and Portfolio Companies communicate and relate.

Our private equity communication solution provides a broad range of capabilities within AIM, the Private Equity CRM solution on the Salesforce platform, to offer an end-to-end system for all your data and private equity communications. As part of this solution, the all-new Altvia Correspond Market Edition gives you the core features of a mass email application with the benefit of full AIM integration. Now you can easily manage your communications for prospecting, fundraising, deal announcements, and roadshows without the hassle of exporting and importing data into separate email applications.

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“Altvia Correspond Market Edition seamlessly integrates with AIM, boosting productivity and improving data integrity,” shares Kevin Kelly, founder and CEO of Altvia. “Market Edition enables private equity firms to leverage better insights from their data, to strengthen existing relationships or build new ones and to stack the deal pipeline.”


• Use one system to manage your data, mass communications, contact lists and reporting


• Create dynamic email contact lists from your AIM data to ensure data integrity and send targeted communications


• Leverage data from your communications to drive more informed decision making for fundraising and deal making


• Grow relationships with personalized communications for broad audiences as well as leverage contact lists and mailing templates for more frequent engagement

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