How Your Investor Relations Team Can Improve Trust

Knowing your Limited Partners and understanding what keeps them up at night can help your team serve them, promote transparency, create trust and build relationships that endure the test of time.

Three themes emerge across investor relations teams that effectively build trust:

  1. Personalized Communications
  2. Security
  3. Transparency

Personalized Investor Relations Communication

Investors need personalized communications to combat information overload. You, as IR professionals, need a way to segment your investors, target messages, and retain a record of all marketing materials.

The sheer volume of reports, data, and emails that investors receive can be overwhelming. Clarifying your message, showing data in a way that is easy to consume and streamlining communications makes what you send to partners reader-friendly.

Altvia Correspond enables you to generate, distribute and track investor-specific documents. With the Correspond products, you are assured that LPs are receiving the right information at the right time.

Improve Security

LPs need to trust that what they receive is valid, accurate, and secure. Reassuring LPs that the security of online and mobile communications is airtight creates trust.

The Altvia ShareSecure LP Portal serves as a virtual engagement platform for GPs and LPs. Document versioning and permissions can be controlled, making ShareSecure a safe way to ensure privacy and prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.

From 2-factor authentication to virus scanning and user management, ShareSecure protects your firm and investments. Support your compliance efforts with secure data transmission, encryption, and detailed access logs.

Investor Transparency

Investors are bombarded with charts, spreadsheets, numbers, and diagrams.  The meaning of these documents are often unclear. For Investor Relations teams, aggregating and transforming data into a transparent display of business information is a clear way to add value.

Sustainability and ESG reporting is becoming increasingly important for investors; however, methods for reporting disclosures and certifying ESG compliance vary. Managing this divergence in reporting can be facilitated by technology.

Answers is our data visualization service, powered by business intelligence. Rather than spending scarce IT resources to build a data warehouse, you can use Answers to aggregate data streams from disparate sources, overlay that data with a set of business rules and generate reports mapped from the data. This allows you to position your firm as an industry leader.

By adopting a systemic approach across the complete lifecycle of their function, IR teams can develop a strategic and holistic view of their work. By leveraging technology, IR professionals can invest resources wisely and deliver even more value to their investors.

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