The Many Ways to Use AIM Mobile

aim mobileFor most of our clients, mobile access to AIM deal flow management software through tablets and smartphones is a must.

Since AIM is built on the platform, we are able to leverage the new functionality that Salesforce and its partners have introduced that allow users to interact with AIM in increasingly more efficient, effective, and meaningful ways.

In the Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release, Salesforce announced it’s new opt-in mobile app overhaul. The new experience was generally released in October 2019 and provides a more user-friendly, customizable, and seamless experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Since then, we have optimized all AIM accounts for the latest version of the Salesforce mobile app. Users can now expect a more user-friendly and seamless Lightning experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Use THE AIM mobile app to:

Find Contact Info On-the-Go

Instantly access contact information, pipeline progress, and deal next steps. No longer sift through paper meeting notes to update your team with on-the-fly mobile access and searchable contact and account records.

Dictate Meeting Notes

You can now dictate meeting notes directly into fields in the mobile app. This allows you to instantly update notes after any meeting.

Generate a Tear Sheet Anywhere

Get the information you need when you want it. Always come prepared with instant access to tear sheets from your mobile device

Personalize Navigation

Your AIM app should work for you, so take it to the next level with mobile-specific layouts and streamlined mobile views. Keep deep information in your system and view only what you need in the app.


Users have access to the AIM Lightning app along with any other custom apps, improved navigation, mobile-specific Lightning pages, and customizable push notifications.

To receive these benefits, you must have the Salesforce App downloaded to your phone with the latest version installed.

Contact Altvia Care at if you’re interested in customizing the new Salesforce’s mobile interface specifically for your firm.