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Private Equity Business Intelligence

How Answers Helps Firms

Timing is critical and PE firms need an informational edge to differentiate and better compete for capital and deals. An end-to-end, private equity business intelligence solution that connects to, transforms, normalizes, and displays all of your data across systems, Altvia Answers makes it easy to perform complex analyses at any time. Altvia Answers provides data analytics to business people—without the help of IT—to answer the questions you know you have, along with the questions you haven’t yet discovered. It’s a holistic solution that brings all of your data together into a single source of truth, removes error-prone processes, and enables your firm to differentiate to compete.

With the shift from IT-led reporting to modern, business-led analytics, Altvia Answers is a future-proof solution specifically for these business users to visualize and interact with data to gain new insights that can make an impact on market opportunities.

Jeff Williams

Vice President, Industry Solutions, Altvia


Unify data sources

Create a centralized database by combining disparate information from multiple data sources to present updated, comprehensive dashboards.


  • Real-time data connections instead of downloading and updating information manually
  • Integrate virtually any data source–from flat files like Excel to countless programs including AIM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more
  • Cloud-based to run seamlessly without long wait times or loading
Private Equity Business Intelligence
Altvia Answers Single-Source of Truth

Manage a Single-Source of Truth

Find complete accuracy, seamlessly updated information, and dynamic dashboards with a single source of truth. No longer be frustrated by stale reporting and multiple re-dos.

  • Reduce manual entry and opportunity for error
  • Fetch data on your schedule to drive accuracy
  • Ask and answer questions at any time to any business user 


Empower Business Users

Use data analytics differently to answer questions and drive greater awareness with internal contacts, stakeholders, and investors. Business users are empowered and able to run ‘what-ifs’ to find unique solutions to any question.


  • Dynamically filter, drill-down, and explore data on the fly
  • Customize the solution to fit your firm’s unique data needs
  • Designed for end-users with intuitive visuals and data exploration widgets
Private Equity Data Analytics



Altvia Answers has everything you need to succeed

Cloud-based, Business Intelligence Solution


Powerful data visualization and personalization


Eliminate risk by ensuring a single-source of truth


Integrate with virtually any data source: Excel, AIM, SF, etc.


Mobile responsive for easy access to data


Purpose-built for Private Equity


Continuous refreshing of data analytics


No database or hardware to maintain


CRM for Private Equity

AIM is a holistic, industry specific CRM built for Private Equity on the Salesforce platform.

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