A Holiday Season Checklist for your Private Capital CRM

Since a lot of fund managers see a bit of a lull in activity between Thanksgiving and the New Year, now might be a good time to take advantage of that downtime to make some improvements to your private capital CRM software.

Here’s a holiday checklist that doesn’t involve going to the mall:

1. Clean up data. This is always my first response when people ask what can be done to improve the effectiveness of their software. Good data in means good data out and good data out is one of the big reasons you likely bought the software in the first place. And besides, knowing that your data is good and you don’t have duplicates ensures that everyone gets their holiday card (and no one gets two of them).

2. Integrate with your email system. We’ve spent a lot of the last quarter uncovering some pretty fancy new email tools for integrating both Outlook and Google Apps with Salesforce. What we’ve found is that the integration tools keep getting better and the efficiency and convenience you gain are well worth the investment.

3. Incorporate a mass email tool. Mass email tools are an easy solution for sending mass emails to clients or prospects and help you get around that pesky 500-per-day limit that Salesforce imposes on its users. A good way to send holiday greetings as well.

4. Go mobile. Salesforce has put significant efforts into improving its mobile capabilities. The mobile browser interface is pretty slick and there are lots of 3rd-party apps on the Salesforce AppExchange for getting at your data, including your accounts, contacts, and even dashboards. If you find yourself on the road over the holidays, mobile access to AIM will keep you plugged in to what’s going on at home. It might even get you out of having to talk to an annoying relative or two.

5. Get maps. And speaking of being on the road, maps in Salesforce and in AIM are an easy way to give some color to your data. Say you’re in Houston visiting in-laws and you’d rather see what prospective LPs are in the neighborhood. Pull up a map inside AIM to see who’s nearby.


Have a safe and happy holiday season.