Integrate Your Private Equity CRM Right to Your Email

Integrate Your Email Inbox with Your Private Equity CRM

There is extremely valuable data sitting in your inbox, from contact information to details about meetings, deals, fundraising, and more. What’s the best way for you to accurately and securely integrate this valuable data with your private equity CRM?

Our platform allows you to seamlessly integrate your email inbox including Gmail and Outlook, straight to your CRM.

In our marketplace, private equity firms and managers are challenged with increasing compliance requirements, demand from stakeholders for greater transparency, and growing competition. Easily capturing and tracking information from your inbox should be an integral part of your day-to-day, but because email platforms are designed to function outside of CRMs, it can be challenging, time-consuming, and error-prone to transfer interactions and data manually from your inbox into your CRM.

8 Capabilities to Look for When Considering a CRM Email Integration Solution


1. Easy Access

Your time is valuable, so consider a solution that helps streamline your workflows with convenient and easy access anytime, anywhere.

2. Automation

We recommend looking for a tool that allows you to simply or automatically add new contacts and emails in your CRM and has auto-sync capabilities.

3. Stop Alternating Between Programs

When you stop trying to alternate between your inbox and CRM in order to enter or update information, you’ll notice a significant increase in productivity. Look for a solution that allows you to create and update CRM records without ever leaving your inbox.

4. Intelligence

The information stored in your inbox includes intelligence on how your contacts are interacting with your communications. Consider a tool with email open and website visit analytics.

5. Up to Date Accuracy

Before you make a call or attend a meeting, arm yourself with up-to-date information about the most recent interactions with your contacts. There are email-CRM tools that allow you to do this from your inbox.

6. Security

We’re operating in a digital age where we can access almost anything at any time, and security is becoming increasingly top of mind. One of the most vital requirements when looking for any kind of technology solution that integrates with your data is secure.

7. Product Integration and Compatibility with Other Solutions

This can depend heavily on your business requirements. Think about which email application you’re using (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.), your contact and data management system or CRM (Salesforce, AIM, etc.), and which types of devices you’re using (Mac, Windows, Mobile, Tablet). Make sure that the solution you’re considering is compatible with what you need.

8. Database or Hardware Maintenance

Do you have a team member dedicated to managing technology solutions in-house? If not, there are many options available where the technology or solution provider can maintain the system for you.

At Altvia, we’re focused on providing solutions that help you streamline your business, including a tool that allows you to sync your inbox with AIM, the private equity solution on the Salesforce platform. Easily capture data from your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail inbox and add it to AIM. With the complete integration, you can easily view, create and edit AIM data right in your inbox without alternating between systems, and without third-party contracting.

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