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Connect your Email to Your CRM Seamlessly

How AIM INBOX Helps Firms

Make knowledge transfer easier by capturing contacts and key data direct from your Outlook or Gmail Inbox to sync with AIM’s private equity CRM: no more alternating between systems or using outdated information. AIM Inbox does this with a seamless user experience across platforms for the ease-of-use and convenience you want. Gain insights about how contacts interact by tracking opens, clicks and website visits. AIM Inbox powered by ZynBit increases productivity and provides easier, faster access to your relationships and data.

Many of our Private Equity clients utilize Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, and despite the options that exist, we felt it was key to integrate AIM, more seamlessly with their favorite mail platforms. AIM Inbox offers users the opportunity to create and edit data directly through the integration interface.

Jeff Williams

Vice President, Products, Altvia


Keep Your COntacts Up-To-Date

Save valuable time creating and updating AIM CRM contact records without leaving your inbox or switching to your browser. Add new email contacts or email interactions with the touch of a button. Gain insights to how your contacts interact with your communications including email opens, clicks and website visits.


  • Single click email filing ensures important conversations associate automatically with all participants
  • Quickly file any email participants not yet added to AIM as contacts

Send smarter emails with CRM data in your inbox

PE Firms need a more digitized, transparent approach to business. AIM Inbox provides a window into AIM directly from Outlook or Gmail, eliminating the need to flip between your inbox and AIM. View your most recent interactions with contacts you email to send the right correspondence at the right time.

  • Look up any record stored in AIM from your inbox
  • Be confident that you have the most up-to-date information before you hit send


Make Scheduling a Breeze

AIM Inbox includes ZynCal, a scheduling assistant that allows you to easily share calendar availability and eliminate the back and forth that goes into scheduling meetings.


  • Share availability with your contacts with a simple copy-and-paste
  • Once an invitee selects a suitable time, ZynCal sends an invitation to all parties to immediately block time on all calendars
  • All invitations prefilled with details about meeting location, default length, or other preset options determined by the meeting type



AIM Inbox provides a seamless integration to make managing interactions easier than ever

Use with Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 for easy access


Automatically add new contacts to AIM CRM with one click


Effectively manage day-to-day operations without switching between programs


Works with Windows or Mac Systems seamlessly


ZynCal Scheduling assistant shares calendar availability alleviate meeting headache


Insights into contact interactions with email open and visit analytics


See AIM data and important information without leaving your inbox


No more flipping between systems to maintain and align contact information


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