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Investor Relations Software

An investor relations software tailor-made for private markets. End-to-end relationship building and fundraising solution to manage contacts and data seamlessly.

Optimize Your Investor Relations Team

Build Relationships

Take advantage of your data, interactions, and industry knowledge to build stronger investor relationships.

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Track Fundraising

Organize every step of the fundraising process to streamline investor communications and fund progress.

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Enhance Performance

Align with your deal team on a single point of truth to harness your data and optimize your performance.

The business needs involve the information and manner in which we touch our LPs – communicating with investors in a seamless way that’s accurate and efficient. I wanted to be ahead of the game at Edge Natural Resources and ensure a smooth process and investor experience [with Altvia].

Stacie Moore
Partner and CFO, Edge Natural Resources

Complete Investor Portal Experience

Our LP Portal and Virtual Data Room, ShareSecure, makes it easy for you to create, track, and audit the materials you provide to investors. Leverage this powerful engagement portal to communicate directly and securely share documents.

  • Easily and accurately share files while maintaining compliance and the highest level of security
  • Request, capture, and track digital signatures from your users
  • Ease of end user sign-in and retrieving documents decreases outreach from investors about errors
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Investor Correspond
Customize Investor Communications

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Simplify investor communications using data and tools to send out fund news or critical documents to the right people at the right time. Every step of the investor relations lifecycle can be streamlined and organized within the Altvia Platform.

  • Generate dynamic, personalized documents such as capital calls and distribution notices with total accuracy
  • Delivery double-check allows you to preview everything before it is sent out
  • Send standard and richly designed targeted emails from directly within AIM with Correspond – Market Edition

Built On Salesforce
Power 360 Views Of Any Relationship

AIM is purpose-built for private equity atop of the #1 CRM solution in the world, Salesforce. Leverage the power of our platform to transform your data to better understand trends, your stakeholders, and firm decisions.

  • Manage your data for awareness and visibility into any relationship with real-time, rich reporting and dashboards
  • Assign tasks, manage notes and generate tear sheets
  • Set permissions around viewing and deleting data, as well as making modifications to the system configuration
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Seamlessly Connect Your Technology

Being built atop Salesforce, our platform is able to seamlessly integrate with point solutions and applications that create a centralized workflow, creating a single-source of truth for your firm. Customize your instance with integrations to build the solution your firm needs to reach new heights.

  • Sync your Outlook, Gmail, or Calendar with your CRM to be the most up-to-date on interactions
  • Integrate with outside tools like Datafox, Prequin, Pitchbook and more using the AppExchange
  • Connect disparate systems to combine your data into one source to perform in-depth reporting and complex analysis
Image showing all of the integrations in AIM, Altvia's Private Equity CRM

Investor Relations Software

Powering The Top Tier

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IR Teams need an intelligent CRM platform to bring the human element to investor engagement.

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