How Can I Better Target Investors for My Private Equity Fundraising?

How can I better target investors for my Private Equity fundraising?

Private Equity FundraisingNot an easy question to answer, but one we frequently hear about in the world of Private Equity. It’s no surprise that GP-LP communications have quickly risen to the top of the priority list when it comes to fundraising — especially these days when fund managers more often reach a broader audience while prospecting.

Fundraising of the Past

Traditionally, fund managers used excel spreadsheets — or something along this line — with an email program to patchwork the job of capturing, tracking, and communicating with prospects during fundraising.

Not ideal and definitely not scalable. With the need for speed, fund managers are more eagerly jumping on the technology bandwagon, with tools like a CRM for private equity, to overcome the challenges of staying competitive in today’s environment while scaling for growth.

Fundraising Tools to Target Investors

Personalizing Investor Relations FundraisingAltvia Correspond Market Edition solves this fundraising challenge and enables you to better target investors. Market Edition is an email communication tool that is fully integrated with AIM, our Private Equity CRM solution. With Correspond, fund managers can leverage their entire network inside of AIM and easily identify which prospects to target for their next fundraising cycle. No patchwork, no swivel chair — all in one single source of truth.

For instance, let’s assume your firm wants to announce their latest fundraise, or plan a roadshow. Market Edition allows you to easily create contact smartlists directly from your AIM records based on almost any criteria of your choosing, including contact type or role, and contact location. Use advanced filters such as fundraising prospects that passed on the previous fund but requested follow up during the next fundraise.

With this laser focus, you can easily target the right prospects for your fundraising and then quickly send a personalized email en masse to start the engagement.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below.