Use AIM to Stay Connected While You Relax This Summer

Now that summer is upon us, here are some ways you can use your AIM private capital platform to make your summer trip more enjoyable. Unfortunately, AIM won’t apply sunscreen for you and it won’t tell you how to avoid lines at Disneyland.

But if you’re the type who can’t seem to unplug totally from the office and you always want to keep an eye on deal flow, fundraising, or your portfolio performance, AIM does offer a number of ways to get a quick view of your team’s progress while you’re relaxing by the pool or in line at Space Mountain.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Since AIM private capital software runs on the Salesforce platform, AIM users can leverage the Salesforce app to access data from any mobile device. This includes mobile dashboards, reports, and activities.

  1. Download the mobile app onto your phone or tablet.
  2. Configure relevant dashboards to view the current status of your pipeline or portfolio.
  3. Leave your laptop at home, save room for your snorkel and flippers!

Use a CRM Email Connector

Save valuable time creating and updating contact records without leaving your inbox or waiting to get back to the office with a CRM Email Connector.

Add new email contacts or email interactions with the touch of a button. Simple email filing ensures important conversations associate automatically with all participants and quickly store any email participants not yet added to AIM as contacts.

Make Scheduling a Breeze

Use a scheduling tool to make scheduling time with potential investors or external stakeholders easy. Eliminate the back and forth that goes into scheduling meetings by sharing your availability with your contacts with a simple link.

Once an invitee selects a suitable time, the system sends an invitation to all parties to immediately block time on all calendars and stores the event in your CRM. All invitations prefilled with details about meeting location, default length, or other preset options determined by the meeting type. Continue to network and set up meetings even when you’re out of the office.

A Support Team You Can Trust

When you are traveling you need to be assured that you have a support team ready to tackle any issues while you are away. At Altvia, we have an entire in-house support team dedicated to helping you through any complications.

Our team is available to all clients through email, telephone, or through the Altvia Care Community. We can help you set up any email connectors or configure reports you’ll need on-the-go.

Take the stress out of time away from the office and confidently unwind with a platform in place to organize, monitor, and track your daily operations.

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