Introducing a new way to send PPMs from AIM (And Updated Fundraising Pipeline Boards!)

By Jeff Williams

One of my favorite AIM features is the ability to send PPMs. It solves a real problem: AIM maintains a copy of your PPM template, it dynamically stamps each PPM you send out with the name of who you send it to (as well as the number), it helps you manage the numbering process, and we keep an exact copy of every PPM you’ve sent.

Today we’re announcing some exciting changes to the PPM feature, the majority of which are the result of feedback you’ve given us. If you already use the PPM feature, there are a couple of changes to be aware of; if you don’t use the PPM feature, now is the time to give it a try! Let our account managers know you’re interested in learning more about it.

We’ve put together this 4 minute video that walks you through all the updates:

YouTube ppm

Also, here’s a quick overview of the changes you’ll be seeing shortly:

  • AIM can now seamlessly deliver PPMs to ShareSecure. Distributing PPMs to prospects via your data room/portal is a great way to remind them to look at how well your funds are performing! Of course, you’ll need to use ShareSecure to make this possible, so if you aren’t already, let us know and we’ll show you how easy it is.
  • The PPM wizard had been condensed and simplified. It’s now even faster to get through, and much more intuitive.
  • Send PPMs to more than one person at the same time. This was a request we heard often, so thanks for the feedback.
  • Easier adding of relevant contacts. When you associate a PPM to an account or to a fundraising record, we’ll now show you a list of contacts we think you may want to send the PPM to. Simply click on the ‘To’ and/or ‘CC’ buttons to quickly add each contact to the email.
  • Send PPMs on behalf of your colleagues. This was a lesser-heard request, but one we think is great. Now send a PPM to someone but have it appear as if it came from one of your colleagues, who may not be able to get to their computer, but has promised to send a PPM to an important prospect.
  • Ability to track that PPMs were delivered. PPMs are an important part of the private placement process, and it’s important to know that intended recipients actually received PPMs. Now you know.

If you currently use AIM’s PPM feature, you know that it saves you time and helps ensure your PPMs are accurate and well managed. If you don’t currently use the PPM feature and you’re interested in learning more, contact Altvia support.


…with the help of feedback you’ve provided, we’re excited to introduce our new fundraising and pipeline boards.

The highlights:

  • Filter the board to show only cards that represent things that aren’t currently active, giving you less noise when looking for specific cards.
  • No more wondering which stage you’re looking at–stage columns now scroll and make navigating the board much easier.
  • Clicking on cards now pops up a preview of the details, which means you don’t have to leave the board to drill down into details.
  • More importantly, the rebuild of the boards in this version provides the foundation for bringing you some features we’re really excited about, including the ability to customize the fields that appear on cards and much more.

Here at Altvia, we have developed an efficient, simplified experience for our alternative investment software user. We take your feedback seriously, resulting in a continually-evolving and feature-rich set of products that are flexible enough to handle a wide variety of investing scenarios. Please contact us for a free demo on our Fund Management Software and see firsthand how our product can work for you. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or subscribe to our Fund Management Software blog below for updates on all things Altvia.