Introducing a new way to send PPMs from AIM

Altvia is built for Private Capital. One of the many features that make it great for fund managers is the ability to send PPMs. This solves a real problem: the platform maintains a copy of your PPM template and dynamically stamps each PPM you send with the name of who you send it to, as well as the number. This helps you manage the distribution, numbering process, and store an exact copy of every PPM you send.

We’ve launched some exciting changes to the PPM feature, the majority of which are the result of feedback you’ve given us. If you already use the PPM feature, there are a couple of changes to be aware of; if you don’t use the PPM feature, now is the time to give it a try!

Here’s a quick overview of the changes you’ll see next time you send PPMs through AIM:

  • The PPM wizard had been condensed and simplified. It’s now even faster to get through, and much more intuitive.
  • Seamlessly deliver PPMs to ShareSecure. Distributing PPMs to prospects via your LP portal is a great way to remind them to look at how well your funds are performing.
  • Use reports and filters to select the right audience for each send, add all Accounts with an active Fundraising opportunity associated, or on an ad hoc basis.
  • When you associate a PPM to an account or to a fundraising record, we’ll now show you a list of contacts we think you may want to send the PPM to. 
  • The new delivery report allows you to track PPM delivery. 

If you currently use AIM’s PPM feature, you know that it saves you time and helps ensure your PPMs are accurate and well managed. If you don’t currently use the PPM feature and you’re interested in learning more, click here to review the user guide.

Here at Altvia, we have developed an efficient, simplified experience for our alternative investment software users. We take your feedback seriously, resulting in a continually evolving and feature-rich set of products that are flexible enough to handle a wide variety of investing scenarios.

Please contact us for a free demo on our Private Equity Platform and see firsthand how our product can work for you.

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