Building the Private Equity Firm of the Future

Private Equity Marketplace Trends

The dynamics of market competition are transforming private equity. Higher valuations, strong demand, and relentless competition are putting greater pressure on fund managers to differentiate.

How can firms leverage these challenges to build a more future-focused organization? Investing in the firm’s future – or not – is key, and could mean the difference between growth and stagnation. And in private equity, stagnate firms can be quickly replaced by those who choose to build for the future.

Investing in the right technologies and strategies can provide major informational and competitive advantages for firms. When you’ve been relying on offline piecemeal manual processes, the analytical power of an integrated software platform is a monumental pivot.

Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

While there are a number of systems available, it’s important to consider the level of customization, integration, and scalability you need over the long term so that your system can evolve as your business grows. Solutions like Altvia Answers can connect, transform, normalize, and display data from across your systems all in one place – the data can be from disparate systems, in different formats, and variable in size. This type of solution enables data visualization and analytics to be embedded into existing systems such as AIM, the premier private equity contact and data management platform, and includes enterprise-grade capabilities to help you scale. Additionally, by utilizing data warehousing technology, users can easily and quickly build cloud-based dashboards and scenarios.

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“As big data continues to grow, private equity firms need a way to consolidate, integrate, and leverage this data for market insights and differentiation as competitive advantages,” shares Jeff Williams, VP of Products at Altvia. “And with the shift from IT-led reporting to modern, business-led analytics, Altvia Answers is a future-proof solution specifically for these business users to visualize and interact with data to gain new insights that can make an impact on market opportunities.”

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