In a recent post, we shared how important it is to properly implement technology in order to realize the full organizational impact of technology on your firm.

The industry agrees—technology is a powerful tool to gain visibility and improve the investor experience. But there are real challenges to implementing systems and managing change in order to get full value out of the investment in technology.


private equity technology data

While most firms plan to adopt technology in order to strengthen investor relationships, there isn’t a clear path to successful implementation.

Adoption and proper implementation can be difficult. We realize that the barriers of change management, user adoption, and training can be daunting and has the potential to derail projects. You might be 80 percent of the way to using technology to power your deal management and fundraising, but that last 20 percent is always the hardest.

We have found that providing a picture of the impact of technologies like a CRM and business intelligence engine can motivate teams to get to 100 percent and guide your firm’s transition to an organization-wide use of technology.

To motivate you, we would like to share an example of what 100 percent could look like.

We compiled some example data into an Altvia Answers dashboard to show the types of questions you can answer when you fully adopt technology and the use of data to power your deal management and inform your fundraising activities.

This dashboard is intended to illustrate the insights users can glean using Answers but is not intended to serve as an official source of industry data.

Once implemented properly, the use of technology can give users quick insights and drastically cut down on time analyzing data.

Your CRM and business intelligence tools should be able to answer questions specifically for private equity such as:


Which Industries and Sectors Have the Highest Investment Activity?


pe crm sectors with highest investment activity


Which Countries are the Most Active Sector Investments Happening?


pe crm active investments by sector


When are Investments Made in my Sector?


pe crm investments made by sector


Total Number of Monthly Commitments, and Amount Raised by Each Investor Type.



Check out the dashboard for yourself and play around! Let us know what questions you want to answer and how we can help, or feel free to click the button below to view a demo.