Altvia VP Jeff Williams Guest Authors Openview Labs Article on IPO Trends

by | Jan 16, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Jeff WilliamsOur VP of Products Jeff Williams recently authored a new article on Openview Labs. In “Why Are We Seeing Fewer Venture Capital-Backed IPOs?”, Williams discusses recent trends around IPOs in the marketplace, and what that means for firms as we move into 2019.

“I have what many would consider an oddly-vivid memory of VC-backed IPOs in 2007. Midway through that year, I got my start as an investment analyst at a VC fund-of-funds. Within just months I had seen several portfolio companies go public, and venture investors taking a company public immediately cemented itself in my mind as the manifestation of just how great American capitalism is. Maybe it’s the delusion from all of those years I spent creating Excel masterpieces, but I can’t help — in looking back — feeling that they just don’t make VC-backed IPOs like they used to.”

Read the full article on Openview to learn more about shifts that are leading to fewer public companies.