White Paper | 7 Key Differences between Altvia and Salesforce with a Consultant

Many fund managers in the private capital markets come to Altvia while also evaluating consultants to customize the Salesforce CRM for deal flow management and investor relations. Fund managers want to know how Altvia is different than customizing Salesforce and which option will best help a firm scale.

Manage Complex Private Equity Relationships


Altvia’s proprietary “Interactions” functionality dynamically and automatically links data and contact information to ensure your CRM is up- to-date and accurate. Files, meeting notes, and contacts stay aligned for a 360-degree view of your firm’s activities.

Salesforce with
a Consultant

Salesforce’s native activities functionality allows you to track meeting notes but limits the number of companies, deals, or fundraising opportunities to one. Comprehensive interaction tracking would require duplicative data entry, which would still result in a fragmented set of answers to a simple question: what you talked about with whom. We’ve invested thousands of hours enhancing Interactions’ flexibility, and trying to reproduce them with a consultant would likely prove frustrating and expensive.

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