The Pros and Cons of the New Salesforce Outlook Connector


Increase your productivity and work smarter and faster without leaving your Gmail or Outlook applications. With the integration to Salesforce, you can quickly log emails and calendar events as interactions in AIM tied directly to Contacts and Accounts, as well as view, edit, and create new records in Salesforce, including Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Fundraising Opportunities, and so on.

Installation of the Salesforce Outlook and Gmail integrations is easy, though it does require administrator rights to your email application. Please contact Altvia Support if you run into any issues with the installation steps below.


How to install the Salesforce Outlook plugin:

1. In Outlook, click the Get Add-Ins button on the Home tab at the top. If you don’t have this option you may need your Outlook administrator to install for you.

Salesforce outlook connector 1

2. Search for “Salesforce” using the “Search add-ins” box.

3. Click the blue Add button. It will process for a few seconds or maybe a minute but that’s all it will take. You can close the add-ins window and you should see the blue cloud icon on your home tab.

Salesforce outlook connector 3

4. Click that icon and sign in using your regular login credentials.

Salesforce outlook connector 4

5. That’s it!



How to install the Salesforce Gmail plugin:

1. In the Chrome Web Store, enter Salesforce in the Search box, then select the Salesforce extension.

Salesforce gmail connector 1

2. Click Add to Chrome and confirm to add it to your Gmail account.

3. After adding the extension to Chrome and navigating to Gmail, enter your Salesforce credentials in the new integration pane.

Salesforce gmail connector 3