Technology’s Impact on the Private Equity Industry

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Technology and Differentiation

Competition is continually reaching new extremes in the Private Equity industry, prompting firms to recast into new roles and systems in order to embrace the rising challenges of operational excellence, personnel optimization, technology adoption, and data management over time. This is where fund managers must differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded competitive landscape. To make this happen, acquiring or developing new skills to manage new tools is paramount.

Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Advantage

Many Private Equity firms are committed to identifying what works and what doesn’t work to best leverage technology and scalable solutions moving forward, providing greater value across teams and portfolios. These include systems that increase transparency in GP-LP relationships and communications along with improving data management. Altvia’s fully integrated product suite and expertise optimize the Salesforce platform for the world of Private Equity, giving you the competitive advantage to advance your success. At the core is AIM, a flexible, fully integrated solution with over ten years of development that works the way Private Equity thinks. AIM enables you to consolidate your data into one central system for operational efficiency to optimize workflows and scale for growth. With AIM, you gain the foundation to build a firm-wide technology solution to harness the power of your data and give you an informational edge that puts you years ahead of your competition.