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Join us to learn about the role of technology within private equity and venture capital firms. Our hope is to bring together the best and brightest across the industry to discuss best practices, the trends they’re seeing, and how firms are using technology to gain an edge in the market – raising funds faster, generating outsized returns, and delivering a world-class experience for LPs.

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Passing through Investor Onboarding

We’re thrilled to be joined by Tim Flannery, a co-founder of Passthrough — one company taking an interesting approach to solving this problem.

The Rise of the Individual Investor

In this episode, we’re joined by Steven Greenberg: Co-Founder & CEO of Totem VC, a modern operating system for fund managers.

The Future of GP-LP Matchmaking in Private Markets

There’s been some buzz in the market about “Tinder for PE”, but TritonLake is confident that private market matchmaking will always be made up of

Sneaking Up On You

Mike Abdella is a one-man force. The Founder and Managing Director of Mauve Capital Partners — a search fund — is laser-focused on finding a business to buy and operate.

Waiting on the World to Change

In this episode, I’m joined by Holden Lee: a strategic leader and investor focusing capital to drive meaningful change in the world.

Applications of AI in Private Equity

Private Capital deal management and business development teams allocate a large portion of their time originating new opportunities and expanding the firm’s network.

Featured Episode

Inside Altvia’s Strategy for Success

Hear from Altvia’s President and CEO, Brie Aletto, on a multitude of topics from cultivating meaning in the workplace to embracing a culture of personal and professional growth.  Join us for an inside look into the strategies for success for our organization and what’s to come in 2023.

Season 2, Episode 3 | 48 min


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