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As an intermediary, you have data in different places and among multiple people. As you add clients, you need visibility into the content and outbound activities from your team as well as to quickly understand your fundraising progress. Additionally, you need to demonstrate how extensive and effective your network is and the value you provide. Because you are simultaneously fundraising for multiple clients, you need to link your fundraising efforts to multiple GPs.

Technology makes your team more efficient and facilitates long-term growth, but traditional CRM systems are not built for third-party fundraisers and custom-built systems are difficult to manage and lack the features modern Placement Agents seek. Altvia transforms Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud-based CRM, into a complete front office solution for Placement Agents, giving your team access from anywhere on any device and increases your team’s efficiency, streamlining fundraising to give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Manage Multiple Fundraising Processes

Every step of the fundraising process can be streamlined and organized within the Altvia Platform from marketing emails to progress reporting.

Be in Sync with Your CRM

Keeping your contacts accurate is complex when you work with multiple firms on simultaneous programs with different funds and managers. Altvia provides a flexible structure to manage these programs so deadlines and tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

Reporting & Data Analytics

With Altvia, key reports and valuable dashboards are built into the software. Have them configured from day one and update as needed to display the most relevant information.

The Altvia team has been fantastic, bringing efficiencies to every facet of our business–fundraising, marketing, deal execution and fund administration. They understand what we do and their team has changed how we manage our business.

Michael Painter
Managing Partner, Plexus Capital

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