Happy Anniversary AppExchange from Altvia

2016 is a big year. Today we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Salesforce AppExchange. And in April, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of App-X! For the majority of these years, we have partnered with Salesforce and witnessed the AppExchange evolution to become not only a virtual private equity CRM marketplace, but also an enabler.

“When we started to develop on the Salesforce platform, our vision to become a product company was further enabled by the AppExchange. In fact, the AppExchange helped us take some of the first steps of bringing AIM to market. And over time, this enablement has broadened through more innovative technology providing the mechanisms to publish applications as well as making it a marketplace for both customers and partnerships,” shares Kevin Kelly, CEO of App-X. “The AppExchange has become part of our business process. More automation, more operational efficiency. And as we improve from greater efficiency, we always look at how we can translate these benefits into a better customer experience.”

And for our customers, the AppExchange has provided a resourceful starting point for their CRM research and options for additional features [See our fund management software videos and webinars for more information]. For instance, if an institutional investor wants to check AIM product reviews as part of his due diligence in selecting a CRM solution for Private Equity, then the investor can quickly tap these reviews for intel and find additional features that connect into AIM. Or if a Private Equity fund manager needs to stay on top of investment materials and track for compliance as part of his CRM solution, the fund manager can easily find App-X’s ShareSecure via the AppExchange and get a trial for a first hand experience. Through this access, customers are able to better understand their options and gain insights from other customers’ experiences.

As we continue our journey with Salesforce and the AppExchange, we’re excited about the future. 2016 has great potential – and also some key market challenges. And for Private Equity, we’re all about addressing these market problems. AIM, ShareSecure and AIM Investor Correspondence encapsulate the power of targeted solutions to help fund managers and institutional investors. And through this focus, App-X can help optimize processes and data specific to Private Equity so that fund managers and investors can focus on what matters – their business relationships and goals.

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