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Use Data to Focus on the Right Deals and Validate Your Investment Thesis

Deal Teams are bogged down

Deal Teams are bogged down balancing deal origination, due diligence and investment decisioning in a time when speed wins.

Most Deal Teams spend 10+ hours per week finding, aggregating, and visualizing data for a handle on the pipeline and investment performance. 

Modern Deal Teams use Altvia to nurture intermediaries, prioritize the right deals, and keep their team aligned on the right activities at the right time.

Hit Your Goals With Altvia


Win More Deals

  • Enhance due diligence efficiency with tailored checklists designed for each evaluation stage.
  • Uphold compliance standards through a structured process that aligns seamlessly with auditor and investor requirements.
  • Extract insightful ratios for direct investments, providing a deeper understanding of their financial implications.
  • Tailor tracking mechanisms to align precisely with your firm’s preferred stages, investment types, and asset classes.
Screenshot of Altvia's AIM CRM deal flow and deal pipeline software solution
Screenshot of how Altvia streamlines operational efficiency and automation in its AIM CRM.

Automate Data Entry

  • Automatic capture of customer relationship interactions. 
  • Track detailed notes on calls, meetings, and emails. 
  • Leverage in-app email notifications to keep your team aligned. 
  • Harness 360-visibility by connecting native account and contact records to deals, funds, and investor records.

We are able to report on performance on a real time basis with stats on deal generation, quality of referral sources, and the status of key accounts and more.


Michael Painter
Plexus Capital, Partner

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