“We are more disciplined, more accountable and we are finding more ways to be smarter about how we generate deal flow.”

– Michael Painter, Managing Partner, Plexus Capital

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As part of Altvia’s AIM product, Dealtracking functionality optimizes the evaluation process of both fund and direct investment opportunities from sourcing to completion. Together with AIM’s Interaction feature, our fund management software provides one logical location for tracking every piece of information you have on a potential investment—deal information, fund details, due diligence ­­allowing you to make informed and efficient decisions.


  • Track all investment opportunities the team has evaluated in a structured fashion and refer back to them at any point
  • Define and streamline due diligence efforts using customizable checklists for different stages of the evaluation process
  • Use rich reports and dashboards to provide unparalleled insight into your deal flow sources, valuation trends, sector analysis, geographical analysis, number of opportunities evaluated by year, etc

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