Data Security & Private Equity Software – What You Need To Know

Clients often come to us with questions about their private equity software and the security of their data. The good news is that Altvia solutions are built on the Salesforce platform. This benefits our clients in multiple ways, including that Salesforce:

  • Has a comprehensive security program
  • Can meet privacy requirements
  • Backs up your data at no additional cost

For these and other reasons, Salesforce is an ideal foundation for private equity software.

Advanced Data Protection in Your Private Equity Software

When your data resides in our private equity software, you can be confident that it has industry-leading protection. Salesforce has a comprehensive privacy and security program that encompasses all areas of data safeguards—certifications, policies, practices, people, and technology.

This policy ensures that our clients who are subject to privacy-related laws governing how they must handle data can meet all of those requirements.

Ensuring the Availability of Private Equity Software Data

Data security means more than simply protecting data from access by unauthorized individuals. It also involves ensuring that authorized users can always access the data in a private equity software solution.

For that reason, storing data on in-house servers is extremely risky. If an incident should occur—a fire that destroys the room where a server is located, for example—all of that data is lost. You can, of course, arrange for a local server to be backed up. However, third-party providers charge a fee for that service, and that fee is on top of the costs you’re incurring to purchase and maintain the equipment you’re using to store your data locally.

In addition, getting your data restored following an incident can take time—time that could potentially hurt your chances of closing a deal or connecting with the ideal investor when it matters most. Salesforce backs up its servers regularly and at no additional cost to you. As a result, losing your data is essentially impossible.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Private Equity Software and Data

As the business world continues to move toward a dispersed workforce model, having access to your data from any location with internet access whenever access is needed is essential.

Even if your employees still spend a significant amount of time in your office, anytime, anywhere access to your private equity software and data can be a lifesaver. If your team is forced out of your office by some type of disaster, for instance, they can simply relocate to your local coffee shop or anywhere with internet access and get back to work quickly.

Enabling the Right Amount of Access to Your Private Equity Software and Data

When working with a SaaS (software as a service) solution provider like Altvia, it’s normal for our application experts to have access to your system so that we can assist you as needed with any challenges you encounter. With Salesforce, you can limit that access to a level that meets your firm’s security requirements.

That said, whenever you work with a SaaS company, you should ensure that it’s a trusted, reliable company. Ideally, the provider has an excellent track record in their field of expertise and has been in business for a significant amount of time.

It can also be reassuring if you look at their client list and see organizations you recognize. The fact that they surely did their due diligence in selecting the provider shouldn’t be a substitute for your own research, but it can be used to confirm what you’ve learned about them.

Client retention rate is another important metric to consider. It should be a red flag if a SaaS company you’re considering doesn’t have a rate that’s in the 80-90% range or higher. Also, you want to be sure you’re comfortable with how and where the provider is storing your data.

Private Equity Software Data Secured by Salesforce

No doubt you have plenty of mission-critical, time-sensitive tasks on your plate. Knowing that your Salesforce-based private equity software is protecting your data means that this extremely important, ongoing action item is covered!

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