Altvia’s Integration with Preqin Makes It Easier Than Ever to Leverage Your CRM Data

What do you get when you link two industry-leading alternative assets solutions? One time-saving integration and a significant competitive edge!

London-based Preqin provides data, analytics, and insights to alternative assets professionals around the world. Altvia now offers a seamless integration with Preqin to make it faster and easier for firms to maintain and capitalize on data in their CRM. 

Altvia and Preqin: One-Click Data Sourcing

Our Preqin integration was developed with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind.

Source Preqin information right into the CRM with just the click of a button. That means less time spent managing data and more time to manage relationships

The integration empowers you to:

  • Import LPs directly from Preqin without ever leaving your CRM
  • Stop bouncing between applications when researching prospects
  • Target LPs that match your ideal profile, deliver the appropriate message, and secure investment
  • Stay ahead of firms that are still using time-consuming data management processes

Creating Records and Enriching Your Data

Specific tasks that are simplified and streamlined with our powerful Preqin integration include:

  • Account creation. Use the integration to create new accounts in your CRM straight from Preqin.
  • Contact creation. Generate new contact records based on Preqin contacts.
  • Data enrichment. Enrich account and contact records with data pulled from Preqin, and get a complete picture for each record

In today’s competitive environment, the faster you can identify opportunities and act on them, the more likely you are to establish relationships with the right stakeholders and achieve your goals. 

Integrations enable smoother and faster workflows, as we explain in this case study with Cendana Capital. The firm needed a scalable data management solution and Altvia’s products were able to deliver operational value. How can Altvia’s Preqin integration benefit your firm? The best way to find out is to participate in a live demo customized to your needs and objectives.

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