Altvia Correspond Market Edition Launch Featured in Private Equity Wire

The UK’s Private Equity Wire recently featured Altvia launches Altvia Correspond Market Edition. The article spotlights how Market Edition is fully integrated with AIM, the private equity CRM solution on the Salesforce platform, and through this integration PE firms can easily pull reports for mailing lists and send personalized emails of up to 50,000 contacts per mailing without ever leaving AIM.


This piece captures how we’ve witnessed the evolution of the Private Equity industry over the past ten years and the escalating need to improve GP-LP communications. To help solve this market problem, Altvia’s communications solution has been expanded with the release of Market Edition to provide PE firms with an enhanced, integrated communications tool as competition rises for both capital and deals.

“Market Edition was designed with these issues in mind, to provide PE firms with an informational edge by leveraging the data they already have within AIM, contributing to operational efficiency and enhancing fundraising efforts,” says Jeff Williams, vice president of products. “Together with Investor Edition, users now have access to an end-to-end solution for communicating with their entire network.”

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