05/24/2013 – Altvia Launches Investor Correspondence Functionality in AIM

This week Altvia and the AIM product development team successfully sent its first ever live capital call correspondence from its fund management software, AIM, using the new Investor Correspondence functionality.

Says Jeff Williams, Product Manager for AIM, “Investor Correspondence is something we’ve been working very hard on over the last few months so sending a live capital call this week felt like a fairly momentous occasion. We had worked very closely with a number of clients to design and build this functionality and I believe we have achieved our goal of providing a solution that helps clients send correspondence in a more efficient and effective way than ever before.”

According to Williams, incorporating Investor Correspondence into AIM was a result of continually upgrading the fund manager software to meet the client demands. “This functionality fits naturally with what AIM already does and it represents a clear extension of related workflow that our clients are already doing with AIM, but we were also getting regular requests for this type of functionality in AIM which pushed it to the front of the line in our development queue.”

With AIM’s new Investor Correspondence functionality, fund managers can distribute not only capital calls, but any mass correspondence including annual reports or K1’s to investors in minutes rather than the hours that other solutions can take.

Williams and the rest of the Altvia team are very happy with the result. “It ended up doing more than we originally planned,” he says. “We went a little deeper than we first anticipated to handle some additional variation in the process and we’re very proud of how easy it is to use related to a lot of the systems on the market. I think AIM users will enjoy the user experience.”

According to Williams, the capital call correspondence sent this week took the users about 10 minutes to complete from beginning to end, but going forward clients can expect the whole process of generating a capital call–including merging investor-specific documents and attaching static documents–to take less than 5 minutes.

Williams adds that AIM users can expect additional enhancements to Investor Correspondence throughout the rest of this year. “Investor Correspondence will be tightly integrated with the redesign of the AIM Portal that we’re currently working on,” says Williams. “We will continue to enhance and further integrate it into AIM going forward.”

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