How Tech Can Help You Provide a Personal Touch in Investor Relations

For public companies—or those about to go public— Investor Relations plays a critical role in providing investors with the information they need to make informed decisions. The IR role is all about communication, with teams sharing both quantitative and qualitative data compiled into everything from quarterly reports and earning announcements to market presentations and financial statements. The department has to strike a delicate balance of painting a positive picture of the company while remaining compliant with strict reporting laws.

With fierce competition over funding the next big startup, maintaining a solid reputation with potential investors has never been more important. One way for IR teams to stand out is to offer a personal touch. Any firm can send generic emails, but to get an important investor’s attention, you have to show you know and understand their needs. Enter Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.

While many private equity firms invest in technology to optimize their workflows, get more accurate data, and ultimately make better, faster business decisions, far fewer are leveraging CRM to solidify their reputation in the marketplace. As the field of Investor Relations continues to expand and grow in importance, we thought it was time to break down the specific benefits of this kind of technology.

How CRM works with investor relations

While the C in CRM may stand for Customers, the technology works just as easily with investors. CRM is a tool that tracks and manages your growing list of contacts and related fundraising or deal interactions with them in an easy-to-use solution. So you can spend more time focusing on building relationships with stakeholders, investors, and prospects.

With a CRM tool, your IR team can:

  • Stay easily connected to investors—and potential investors
  • Streamline cumbersome administrative processes
  • Increase profitability by giving investors more personal attention
  • Discover opportunities with new investors
  • Provide investors with outstanding support and services

With all of the relevant data stored in a CRM tool, your IR team can offer a more personal touch when communicating with investors. You can increase the value of a simple phone call by easily finding and mentioning the details you know your investors find relevant.

“To survive—and thrive—in the digital era, our industry must embrace technology and its ability to help us provide an exceptional customer experience,” explains Altvia’s Vice President of Customer Success Jill Montera, who spoke at the PEI IR & Communication Forum last June.

At the forum, Montera also heard from LPs who said they rely on technology to help them stay informed on key points of interest during the fundraising process. Naturally, like investors, Limited Partners (LPs) appreciate this higher level of customers service and now even expect personalized relationship management.

When Altvia created its contact and data management solution integrated with the Salesforce platform, their team made sure to design it to meet the specific needs of Private Equity firms. The resulting solution, called AIM, harnesses the institutional knowledge of Private Equity communications, LP portal, and back-end systems, and enables users to:

  • Track information about the people and organizations with whom you communicate as well as records and document engagements for compliance
  • Consolidate data into one central system for operational efficiency and optimize workflows to scale for growth
  • Track fundraising progress in detail, easily generate reports on fundraising progress, and proactively manage investor relationships

With these kinds of industry-specific features, AIM can simplify how your IR team remains compliant while delivers a transparent—and more trusted—experience to investors and other stakeholders. And your firm can remain focused on raising and deploying capital for the next big company on the horizon.

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