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edge natural resources is on top of their game with operational efficiency and investor relations

Edge Natural Resources is an energy private equity investment management firm that focuses on opportunities in upstream exploitation and development with aggregate commitments from a diverse base of endowments, foundations and family offices. The firm is experiencing strong momentum and as they grow, so do their operations and investor  demands.

To help solve these growth challenges, management applied 25+ years of combined private equity experience in selecting a solution to help consolidate, organize and integrate their workflows and fund management along with investor communications. Their most recent experience included managing 300+ investors across multiple funds.

This experience was brought over to Edge Natural Resources with careful evaluation  of cloud-­based CRM solutions that could integrate with back-end accounting systems and customer service as well as front-­to­-back solutions. “What led me back to AIM was a good experience and   its ease of use. The decision really came down to people – who you know, who you wanted to help you succeed,” shares Stacie Moore, Partner and CFO, of Edge Natural Resources.

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