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Altvia translates data into intelligence. We connect your operational data, LP portal, communication network and accounting system to give you a cohesive view of your business and the competitive edge that puts you years ahead of the competition.

Altvia’s Alternative Investment Management (AIM) is the premier Salesforce Private Equity CRM solution to consolidate, integrate and organize your data and relationships. This easily adoptable system improves operational efficiency by seamlessly connecting your data and workflows to provide a flexible solution for data management and reporting as well as greater transparency between fund managers, institutional investors and portfolio companies.

“I think it [AIM] helped us look at our data in a different way. We had been looking at it very high level and now we are able to break it down and be more specific. We have more accurate and more meaningful data and we can do everything more real-time. I think we became a lot more efficient.”
– Adam Ciborowski, Vice President, RCP Advisors

Contact and Activity Management

• Track information about the people and organizations with whom you communicate, along with detailed records of each interaction including meetings, calls, emails and more

Fundraising and Investor Relations

• Track fundraising progress in detail, easily generate reports on fundraising progress, and proactively manage investor relationships

Deal and Fund Tracking

• Capture critical information throughout all stages of the due diligence and investing process, and instantly generate reports on status and progress with a single click

AIM Inbox Powered by ZynBit

• View, edit and create detailed record data in AIM without ever leaving your Microsoft Outlook inbox

Portfolio Management

• Put information at partners’ fingertips with reports and dashboards capturing the portfolio of investments and current valuation information and critical metrics


• Track records and document engagements with AIM’s robust reporting capabilities

Reports and Dashboards

• Get up­-to­-the­-minute insight on your fundraising and investing efforts with customized reports and dashboards within AIM that arm you with actionable information anytime and anywhere.

Microsoft Excel Integration

• Efficiently edit and update large amounts of data using our recommended Excel plug­-in that easily integrates with AIM