AIM Fund Management Software Passes the 1000 User Mark

It’s hard to believe that we’ve just surpassed the 1000 user milestone. Back in 2007 when AIM was coming into being, I think we all saw a huge future for fund management software and for Altvia and it’s very rewarding to see a lot of those aspirations and goals come to fruition. Given the hard work that so many have put in and the challenges that we’ve overcome, reaching the 1000 user milestone is something we’re truly proud of and something that I think gives us a real strong foundation going forward.

Obviously, we wouldn’t be at this point without a lot of key people. A lot of the credit goes to the team here at Altvia who have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the company and into making each of our clients successful. An investment management software company just doesn’t get a reputation for customer service like we have without hard-working and competent people who are willing to bend over backward for their clients. And speaking of clients, we also owe a lot of our success to everyone we’ve worked with, especially those early AIM adopters who saw value in what we were offering and went with us even though at the time there wasn’t a lot of proof or data backing up their decision.

It’s interesting to look at our historical user counts and see that we passed the 500 user mark only about 18 months ago and I think that’s very consistent with the momentum we’ve been gaining over the last couple of years. We’ve now installed AIM over 100 times and I’m proud to say that I think we’ve gotten really good at it. This has allowed us to be more efficient and get AIM into more customers’ hands while maintaining close relationships with clients.

We always knew that the service that we provide to our clients during implementation and support is just as critical to their success with our product as the quality of the product itself. So we knew that for Altvia, being good at providing services is just as important to us as building a great product such as our fund management software.

Providing top-notch service is one of our core beliefs and one that we will continue to embrace as we grow. Just about everyone here at the company has contributed to that scalability effort and the ability to get the product in people’s hands but still deliver really high-quality high-touch service. And it has resulted in us having really happy customers.

Next up? We hope to be at 1500 users by the end of this year. To all of our existing users, we sincerely appreciate your contribution to our success.

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