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Complete Institutional Investor Platform

Whether you are a pension fund, endowment, or other institutional investor, you are constantly evaluating investment opportunities, sitting through pitches and likely collecting notes, collateral, and slide decks. And you need a place to store the pertinent info in an organized and accessible manner. You also receive updates from fund managers on your current portfolio and this data needs to be accessible and organized for easy reporting.

By connecting your communications, data insights and collaborative workflows, Altvia bridges the gap between your investment-related data and daily operations through its integrated portfolio management platform. Organize solicitations and track your relationships with fund managers with a software solution purpose-built for institutional investors. Additionally, you can consolidate information from multiple sources and capture research with plug-ins such as Preqin, PitchBook, DataFox and more.

Cohesive Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor and report on investments — including visual dashboards and updated metrics — in a scalable manner and centralize your data in a system built for ease-of-use.

Screenshot of how Altvia streamlines operational efficiency and automation in its AIM CRM.

Complete Data & Contact Management

Unleash the power of your relationships, workflows and data with a Private Equity CRM platform built for growth.

Sophisticated Stakeholder Relations

Seamlessly manage your investor relations with a holistic, branded solution including email, reporting, and a virtual data room.

Screenshot of Altvia's LP Portal and Data Room, ShareSecure
Screenshot of Altvia's AIM CRM reporting and analytics dashboard

Powerful Deal Tracking

Collect and report on information related to deals, recording details from each step and ensure the process is performed accurately and on time

We have more accurate and more meaningful data and we can do everything more real-time. I think we became a lot more efficient.

Adam Ciborowski
RCP Advisors

A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Platform


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