How Private Equity Real Estate Teams Can Leverage a CRM

Private equity real estate fund managers tend to be juggling many tasks at any given moment. Building and maintaining strong relationships is critical, of course. Then there are the properties to keep track of. And the result of these activities is a large amount of data being received, sent, and generated continuously.

Handling those touchpoints carefully yet efficiently is essential. Lose one critical piece of information at the wrong time, and it can be anything from mildly embarrassing to an absolute deal-breaker. Plus, with investment structures getting increasingly complex and regulatory bodies requiring more detailed reporting, fund managers have even more pressure to ensure that their data is always current, complete, and organized. And they also need a solution that streamlines workflows and simplifies team collaboration.

In short, what’s required is what we refer to at Altvia as a “single source of truth.” And notice we use “truth” rather than “data” or “information,” because at the end of the day, that’s what discerning investors expect—a clear picture of the reality of an investment.

Conduct Rapid Due Diligence With a Real Estate CRM

Key to any due diligence process is the ability to monitor information sources, collect vital data, and use it effectively to perform a thorough analysis. In private equity real estate, a CRM like AIM provides fund managers with that capability through features that:

  • Empower teams to create associations between and among contacts, property types, brokers, and more in individual assets or portfolio vehicles
  • Help organizations track and report on key performance metrics using visual dashboards accessible to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensure that team members always have clarity on next steps and assigned action items through task tracking and checklists

Enable Transparency and Promote Trust

Investors today have access to more information on investment opportunities than ever before. Consequently, you have to be able to earn their trust or risk losing them to a different fund where they have a higher comfort level.

Part of achieving that goal is having excellent “people skills,” which you surely do, or you wouldn’t be a fund manager. Just as importantly, your organization has to have the right technology stack. Trusting relationships are built around the effective and open exchange of information and ideas. The tools you use can either extend or limit your organization’s transparency and, as a result, demonstrate or call into question your trustworthiness.

Timely, valuable, and consistent communications are an essential part of being seen as transparent. The right private equity real estate CRM can help you maintain accuracy and compliance. You connect with potential investors using features like user-level permissions and document watermarking in a secure data room. It can also make it simple to gather investor contact information, record and manage communication preferences, and ensure that your data is always “clean” and up-to-date.

The availability of a leading-edge, branded investor portal like ShareSecure is essential as well. This type of advanced engagement platform serves as a secure, easily accessible hub where investors “feel at home.” Fund managers can provide investors with resources like documents (from drafts to approved versions), photos, recorded webinars, and audio and video recordings that they need to make decisions.

Ultimately, a CRM solution and the systems with which it’s integrated allow a potential investor to “take their blinders off” and get an unobstructed view and in-depth awareness of your firm’s track record. This type of visibility will have investors much more likely to enter into a relationship with you.

See a Private Equity Real Estate CRM in Action

Marketing materials and blog posts are helpful background information. The best way to truly understand how a purpose-built private equity real estate CRM could be a game-changer in your firm is to see it in action and ask specific questions about your processes, needs and goals.

Through a customized demo, you’ll be able to experience how a CRM solution that leverages the Salesforce platform can improve your processes and provide you and your investors with a single source of truth. Contact us to schedule a session today or see how private equity real estate firms use Altvia.