Transform Your Private Equity Communications With the Right Tools

A Growing Challenge: Acquiring and Retaining Investors

The competition to win – and retain – investors is becoming increasingly challenging, and market trends and predictions surrounding investments warn us to expect continued escalations in difficulty. Combine these trends with statistics indicating that the number of investors planning to invest more dollars in the marketplace is declining according to the Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets H2 2017 report, and we’re finding that many Private Equity firms, including industry leaders, are actively looking for improved, new, and innovative ways to win over and maintain investors.

Transform Challenges into Wins

While an increase in market competition for capital and deals in Private Equity is predicted to continue, this challenge actually provides firms with an ideal opportunity to explore new solutions that may not have otherwise been considered, ultimately resulting in improved workflows and streamlined operations. When successfully implemented, Private Equity communications updates and upgrades will positively impact resources and revenue for many.

 “These new challenges are providing Private Equity firms with the opportunity to strengthen and grow their networks.”

This will result in a competitive advantage in most areas, and with communication and transparency increasingly at the core of GP-LP relationships, it’s an ideal time to focus on improving and redefining the ways that firms interact and communicate with their investors, transforming challenges into wins.

New Private Equity Communications Tools

Many communications solutions have the potential to provide greater optimization and efficiency, but finding a solution that is purpose-built for the Private Equity industry can prove to be more challenging to find. When searching for the right solutions for your company, it’s important to prioritize your specific needs and goals. Once you’ve outlined requirements for a solution to help take you to the next level, it’s a good time to start shopping.

Our Solution: Altvia Correspond Market Edition


Altvia’s Private Equity communications solution, Altvia Correspond, is built for ease-of-use around specific needs of the industry, such as investor relations, communications, marketing, and fundraising. Altvia Correspond Market Edition provides the core features of a mass email application with the benefit of an integration with AIM, the Private Equity CRM solution on the Salesforce platform, to offer an end-to-end system for all your data and Private Equity communications. This allows users to easily, creatively, and effectively manage communications for prospecting, fundraising, deal announcements, and roadshows without the swivel chair from exporting and importing data into separate email applications. A few of Altvia Correspond Market Edition’s specific capabilities include:

  • INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS – Use one system to manage your data, mass communications, contact lists and reporting
  • SMART LISTS – Create dynamic email contact lists from your AIM data to ensure data integrity and send targeted communications
  • ENHANCED ANALYTICS – Leverage data from your communications to drive more informed decision making for fundraising and deal sourcing
  • FLEXIBLE MASS EMAILS AND TEMPLATES – Grow relationships with personalized communications for broad audiences as well as leverage contact lists and mailing templates for more frequent engagement

Keep Looking for New Ways to Improve

Private Equity communications and investor relations solutions will continue to evolve as business practices and available technology adapts and improves. As more Private Equity firms find scalable and efficient communications solutions, the need to differentiate in order to stay ahead of the competition will increase. Implementing a new product or system isn’t always enough: oftentimes, change management within a firm is necessary for a complete improvement. In addition, a saturation of solutions within the marketplace will cause industry leaders to continue seeking creative ways to take advantage of their solutions. Once you’ve found a solution that works for your company, we recommend you continue to explore new and creative options, as the industry is adapting fast. At Altvia, not only do we offer a full line of integrated solutions, but we also offer comprehensive consulting and support to help you take full advantage of our suite of products through the ongoing service and industry expertise, Altvia Care. With a fully-integrated communications solutions along with comprehensive and personalized services to help you get the most out of your products, Altvia will help you achieve the differentiation you need.