Empowering Alternative Markets with Actionable Insights

What do investors want from your firm? The answer to that question has two parts. First, they want detailed information on your track record. Without it, they can’t make an informed assessment of your firm or an informed decision about whether to invest.

However, they want more than just data—they want fast, easy, and secure access to current information.

A spreadsheet contains data. Unfortunately, the time it takes for a busy investor to locate the specific details they’re after in a large spreadsheet may be more than they’re willing to commit, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Needless to say, the last thing you want to do is frustrate and irritate the very people you’re looking to engage with.

The solution? Give investors access to an intuitive track record dashboard. A secure, easily accessible interface makes their research fast and efficient.

Collect and store accurate data

In order to provide investors with helpful data, you must first collect and store accurate and current information. Technology like AIM, Altvia’s CRM solution, provides the power and flexibility you need to manage all the data investors require for decision making. The ease with which you can add data to, or extract data from, AIM makes it the perfect information source for critical firm analytics.

Give investors the answers they need

With AIM streamlining and simplifying your data management processes, the next step is to empower investors to get the insights they’re looking for. Altvia Answers does exactly that. A purpose-built private equity business intelligence solution, Answers empowers investors to look at your track record and data analytics in whatever way makes sense to them.

By transforming, normalizing, and displaying all of your data across systems, Answers makes it easy to perform complex analyses whenever and wherever an investor wants to. And because some of the best questions come to mind after a meeting or call has ended, the system’s anytime, anywhere accessibility helps ensure that investors are never left wondering about an aspect of your track record that they forgot to discuss with you.

Plus, Answers leverages real-time data integrations that can pull from virtually any data source including everything from simple flat files to large databases, and the system’s cloud-based architecture means it runs efficiently and doesn’t keep investors waiting for results.

There’s also a productivity benefit to your firm when you give investors a self-service data dashboard. Your team will still have to answer questions, but the number of queries is greatly reduced, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Set your firm apart with analytics

Providing a better experience for LPs when it comes to reviewing your track record does two things.

First, it gives investors confidence that they are getting a full and clear picture of your firm’s performance. That trust can go a long way in cementing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Second, and just as importantly, giving investors access to an advanced data dashboard makes a strong statement about your firm. It says that you value their time and want to make it easy for them to get the information they need.

It also shows that you are strategic about how you manage your business. You could communicate your track record using a set of spreadsheets, charts, and graphs like most firms do, but you’re more forward-thinking in your approach to data management and sharing. You understand that the volume of information available to GPs and their investors is only going to increase over time, and you want to ensure that you have the technology in place to turn raw data into structured and actionable business intelligence that supports better decision making.

Not every firm is so proactive and transparent in their data management and reporting practices. The fact that your firm is at the forefront in those areas places you in a select group. And as competition for investment dollars continues to intensify, that’s right where you want to be.

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