The Most Active Investors in Cybersecurity

In the last five years, the top 10 private equity firms focused on cybersecurity have completed 146 deals. The median size of those deals? More than $540 million.

If you’re interested in the cybersecurity space or simply in firms that complete deals with notable dollar figures, we provide more information on these organizations below.

Prominent Players in Digital Protection

Cybersecurity continues to grow in importance as cybercriminals continue to improve their skills and expand their horizons. Understanding that dynamic, these 10 PE firms (in no particular order) are establishing themselves as leaders in the industry.

  1. Pamplona Capital Management. With $8 billion in assets under management (AUM), PCM is prominent in telecom, media, and technology. They’ve made 13 investments in cybersecurity since 2017, with a median deal size of $400 million and no exits.
  2. Charlesbank Capital Partners. This firm focuses on a variety of middle-market industries and recently acquired BOX Partners. They have $13 billion in AUM, with 10 cybersecurity investments since 2017 at a median deal value of $350 million and no exits.
  3. Thoma Bravo. Thoma Bravo’s investments center on software and technology, with recent deals pertaining to Vivian Health and Bottomline Technologies. Their $103 billion in AUM, 30 cybersecurity investments, median deal size of over $1 billion, and seven exits put them among the leaders.
  4. Providence Strategic Growth. Experts in growth-stage software, PSG has nine cybersecurity investments since 2017 and $7 billion in AUM, with one exit and no median deal size information available.
  5. Vista Equity Partners. This firm, which has $93 billion in AUM, is exclusively in the enterprise software space. Their recent investments include BetterCloud and Updater. VEP has nine investments in the period with a $19 million average deal value and three exits.
  6. TPG. TPG focuses on technology, with $114 billion in AUM, 10 cybersecurity investments since 2017, a median deal size of $1.1 billion, and two exits.
  7. TA Associates Management. This firm’s varied portfolio includes business, consumer, and financial services, technology, and healthcare. Their numbers include 28 investments, $50 billion in AUM, a median deal value of $611 million, and one exit.
  8. Clearlake Capital Group. Clearlake has $72 billion in AUM, eight investments, a $1.5 billion median deal size, and one exit. In addition to technology, they invest in businesses in credit and related strategies.
  9. KKR. This firm invests across many industries and offers alternative asset management and other services. They recently invested heavily in German cloud infrastructure and hosting company Contabo. KKR has $471 billion in AUM and nine cybersecurity investments since 2017, with an average deal value of $309 million and three exits.
  10. Insight Partners. A major player in software, Insight has $90 billion in AUM, 20 cybersecurity investments since 2017 that break down to $125 million per deal, and two exits. 

The Common Denominator: Efficient and Effective Cybersecurity Operations

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