The Best of the App-X Blog, 2011

Happy New Year from Application Experts.  For the first blog post of the new year, we’ll be rolling out (or rolling back) some of our best and most informative blog posts from the year that was.  If you missed them, this might help you get caught up.  If you didn’t, well, feel free to read them again.  We’re not counting.

5 Keys to Guarantee User Adoption of your Fund Management Software

From November, Kevin Kelly expounds on how to make sure a year from now that your organization is still using the software you buy today.

Migrating Data from your Existing Fund Management Database

Also from November, App-X Project Manager Jason Viado give his thoughts on how best to migrate data from your existing system.

AIM vs. the Consultant

Easily one of our most popular whitepapers from 2011, AIM vs. the Consultant outlines 10 ways that AIM is different than hiring a Salesforce consultant.

Increasing Transparency for Private Equity Fund Managers

OIn 2011, we saw many clients increase transparency in both fundraising and investing is through the use of a well-organized fund management software system.  App-X CEO Kevin Kelly discusses the benefits.

A sure sign that you need a new Fund Managment CRM system

And finally, a post from 2011 discussing the one sign that most often indicates that your firm is ready for a new Fund Management software system.  We don’t want to give away the answer–you’ll have to read the post yourself.